Who's in the Lead?

Joe Kedra took an unofficial visit to North Carolina this weekend. Previously, he named Penn State and North Carolina as his favorites. Which team has the lead right now and when will a final decision be made?

Name: Joe Kedra
Position: LB
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 223 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.7
Bench Press: 270 pounds
School: Camden Catholic High, Cherry Hill, NJ

"We're doing pretty well," Joe said regarding Camden Catholic's season so far.  "We've won our first 3 games and had 2 shutouts.

"I'm doing well.  I'm not playing as well as I could be I guess, but I'm doing well.  I probably average about 8 to 10 tackles a  game."

Joe took an unofficial visit to North Carolina this weekend to watch the Tarheels take on Georgia Tech.

"My parents and I went down there.  It was fun.  It was a lot different than being at Penn State because  there aren't as many fans.  It's a totally different crowd, but it was a lot of fun.  I had a lot of fun  down there."

How did North Carolina look?

"They didn't do badly, but they didn't play really well.  Considering that they didn't play too well, they stayed in the game.  They missed a lot of tackles.  Their defense was a little shaky, but they looked  good."

Kedra got a few opportunities to talk to the North Carolina coaching staff.

"I talked to them a little bit prior to the game and I talked to them today.  We left this morning, so we met them in the morning and they asked me what I thought about the game and stuff."

It appears that Joe considers North Carolina his top team.

"Right now I would say they are because when I was down there I talked to a lot of the kids that already committed.  When I was at Penn State, the recruits really didn't talk too much, but when I was down there, you felt like they were going through the same thing as you.  Everybody was talking and saying  'What do you think' and 'What do you like', so you get to hear other people's opinions.  People were a lot  more open to talking to the other recruits and stuff, so I liked that a lot because they're the people  you'd be living with.

"[At Penn State], I saw recruits, but none of them that had already committed.  I didn't really talk to any recruits except  Dorien Bryant and I only talked to him
because I know him from South Jersey.

"That's a factor, but I got a different feeling when I was down [at North Carolina].  It's not laid back, but Penn State's just so football oriented.  I think that might be a lot of pressure for--,  it's hard to explain,  but I know what I want to say."

It's not over yet.

"I'm going to take my officials to those two and I'm not really sure about any other schools.  I think I'm pretty much done taking my unofficial visits.

"I scheduled one to Penn State, but I have a football game, so I'm going to reschedule that one.  We were going to do it one of the weeks in November, but I'm going to have a playoff game that week, so I think it  may be December 13.  North Carolina's is pencilled in for December 6 right now."

Commentary:  Joe was late to the Penn State-Nebraska game due to traffic and left in the third quarter to avoid the traffic going home.  As a result, he did not have the chance that many other recruits had that evening which was to go on the field before and after the game and to go into the locker room.  That seems to be a lesser obstacle for Penn State to overcome than the atmosphere issue.  Taking official visits to both schools helps our chances since he will get the opportunity to talk to players and meet other recruits.  Hopefully, Penn State will schedule other recruits to be there the same weekend.  It would be nice to have the last official visit if it works out that way.  The down side would be if he committed during the official visit to North Carolina and decided to cancel the trip to State College.  I expect him to take both visits.

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