In Focus: Maurice Evans

Maurice Evans made an early impact for the Nittany Lions as a freshman last year, seeing action in an impressive 12 games. Get an update on how the defensive end is progressing this preseason. What does he weigh? Where is he on the depth chart? Who is he battling in practice? Get answers to these an other questions right here.

THE PLAYER: When asked earlier this summer about the player who was among the most technically sound upon his arrival on campus, PSU defensive line coach Larry Johnson surprisingly pointed to Maurice Evans. That's impressive considering that Johnson has coached All-Americans Courtney Brown, Michael Haynes and Tamba Hali.

Evans' "pure technique is the best of the [defensive ends]," one observer explained. "He's borderline obsessive over getting it right, asking for critiques from the coaches or other players."

Many observers had him tabbed last year as among the likely freshmen to make an early impact on defense. "By the time the preseason was wrapping up it was Mo and Tommy [McEowen] who were the favorites to see PT. Phil [Taylor] was in there, too."

THE ASSESSMENT: Called "a phenominal athlete," Evans "sheds a block with the best of them. If anyone is going to help [left offensive tackle Gerald] Cadogan get where he needs to be it is Mo," one practice observer said.

"Fast and fierce," Evans "is a real handful with his constant movement — he never quits." Another observer called the defensive end "probably the most coachable guy on the team." Another said, "He practices to impress. I think he feeds off the comments Larry [Johnson] gives him — good and bad. He just wants to get [Johnson] focused on his play."

Boasting a strong pass-rush, Evans has become known for his disruptive style of play. "He just tears in and he drops his shoulder so low sometimes the tackle can't even engage him. They have to cheat with their stance angle."

If there is a knock on his game, it's that he sometimes plays "too aggressive." According to one observer, "The word the 'backers use is 'reckless,' but Mo embodies the meaning. That means he'll run right by his intended target sometimes, though. He's working on getting a handle on the over-pursuits. The veteran [offensive] linemen can sometimes make him go wide on the angle and take him right out of the play."

Throughout the preseason Evans has been running with the first team and has been working with freshman Eric Latimore on improving his play.

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