In Focus: Sean Lee

It's no secret that Sean Lee is an instrumental component to the 2007 defense, but where has the outside linebacker been focused this preseason and what are the practice assessments saying about the junior standout? Get answers to these and other questions in this preseason practice assessment of Lee.

The Player: As a true freshman, Sean Lee saw action in eight games thanks to veterans Paul Posluszny and Dan Connor who showed him the ropes of the position, having both been early impact freshmen themselves. Lee, in turn, is now doing the same for the young linebackers "This guy is spending a lot of time working with the younger guys like Nate [Stupar], Chris [Colasanti] and [Andrew] Dailey," one observer told us.

As another one said, "That is part of the big reason Navorro [Bowman] shifted over behind Sean [earlier this month]. Physically [Navorro] is there, but he needs to understand the details of the position and how to interpret the offesive motion and shifts. Sean can teach him that."

The Assessment: With Dan Connor now a senior captain for the squad, Lee now assumes Connor's previous role of residing in the All-American's shadow. "You don't hear a lot about Sean because of Dan [Connor]. He's a behind-the-scenes guy," one observer said. "But Sean reminds me of Timmy [Shaw] when it comes to attitude - he's a heads-down player who does everything that is asked of him and goes above and beyond to get the team where he needs to be, yet receives limited praise and is fine with that."

Lee has focused this season his reads and tackling technique. As one observer told us, "He hits hard. He's not afraid to sacrifice his body and really get his carriage into it, but he's been working with [Coach Vanderlinden] and Dan [Connor] on clamping down hard on a ball carrier to get a quick take-down."

Considered one of the key leaders for the defense, Lee's "lead by example" style is something observers point to as a major bright spot for this season and next. "I think Lee is going to step in nicely when Connor leaves," one observer explained to us. "He's got the ear of his teammates and he's tough. He's in that mold of 'watch me, I'll show you how to do it right.'"

See our recent video interview with Sean Lee.

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