FOS Chat Recap: Zordich, Alexander

Tuesday night was a special edition of our regular PSU recruiting chat hosted by Cory James. FOS members got to ask questions of PSU commitment Michael Zordich as he prepares to clash with Gateway as well as prospect A.J. Alexander. Here's a recap of the exclusive chat event.

Both A.J. Alexander (ajalexanderfans) and Michael Zordich (FOSSpecialGuest) fielded a wide variety of questions from Penn State fans in chat last night. Get a recap of the event below:

ajalexanderfans> wats up all

quez56> welcome aj

psusnoop> Hi AJ

joestrosser> hey AJ

mal106> hey man

NewYorkNittany> hello aj

Cafe210> yo AJ - welcome back

ajalexanderfans> thanks glad to be here

GregTNG> hey AJ... Have you verballed to PSU yet? :)

ajalexanderfans> hah nah not yet

mal106> hows your team looking so far

daCronk> any official visits set up?

ajalexanderfans> we lookin really good this week in prac our line's really coming together

NittanyBurgh> Coming up for a game soon?

kek174> real subtle there Greg

NewYorkNittany> you coming to the game this weekend?

LionKing25> sup aj.

ajalexanderfans> nahh no visits yet

ajalexanderfans> yeah ill b there

Cafe210> AJ - psyched for FIU?!

restoartheroar> hey aj, you beat state college yet? ;)

ajalexanderfans> hah in 9th grade thats it

lionlover> love to hear the OL is coming together. it probably helps not having to go up against Taylor and Koromo

mal106> are you going to be in the stands or sideline for the game?

joestrosser> OK, tied up!

fp001> *7,0alex kenney said he's getting the corner and no one from toona will catch him

psusnoop> hey cory, I just started watching, but is D. Scott off the board?

ajalexanderfans> ill b in the stands for game but sidelines for pre

h2o22> anyone hear anything about the youngest Stupar?

ajalexanderfans> haha

CoryJames> *4,0checking on scott

psusnoop> k

scpsu21> alex kenney needs to remember the plays

CoryJames> *4,0got the call from big Z...he'll be in the room shortly

mal106> nice, thats been a dream of mine....

psusnoop> nice

ZombiePSU> hey aj hows sheetz football in the AFL doing this year?

kek174> hey aj......are you in fact in contact with Walker?

lionlover> AJ...will your mom still be coming with you?

mikestuf04> *1,0might as well call mike mauti too

h2o22> i want to hear some big Zordich

markg1977> AJ.....who is recruiting you most aggressively

ajalexanderfans> hahah im not sure i was goin to go watch them on sunday but went out to eat at prime sirloin for breakfest buffet insytead

MalibuHammy> AJ ...PSU needs you buddy...climb on board my man

ajalexanderfans> i haven't talked to deion an my mom is comin to osu

bplion> AJ,do you speak to T Pryor?

ajalexanderfans> nahh i never met him

ljheismanrecount> aj do you talk with any penn state players

ZombiePSU> Well AJ this is Coach Murphy and we won 7-0 over Remax... we held the ball the WHOLE 2nd half except for three offensive plays by Remax.. we scored with six seconds left. We could use you, you know... lol

MalibuHammy> AJ and Walker would be a scary tandem at WR

ajalexanderfans> only when i go up there

daCronk> no prob

mayormccheez> *7,0Zordich is that you?

lionlover> mayor, I'd like to get into some of that prime meat

mal106> aj how much you wieghing now-a-days

ajalexanderfans> thats whats up

ajalexanderfans> we need sheetz to be like jus when we left

ajalexanderfans> 10-0

ZombiePSU> Yeah no doubt!!

MalibuHammy> AJ, you coming to ND game right? YorkLion Quit (Web Browser left the chat web page)

ajalexanderfans> im like 178

kek174> aj - are there any other recruits that you are in contact with?

ZombiePSU> Actually - they havent done anything since you and Futrell and Noonan and Payne left.

ajalexanderfans> yeah ill b there

ajalexanderfans> haha

CoryJames> *4,0yeah, we are working on getting a filter for this stuff ala ESPN

ajalexanderfans> i might

ajalexanderfans> hahaha

lionlover> ty mal106

LionKing25> hey AJ how was the practice or scrimmage last time you came to psu? any nugetts?

MalibuHammy> AJ.....what is your top school as of now?

ajalexanderfans> prolly psu

kek174> lots of Q's.....imagine if we have AJ, Z, and a free-for-all

pjk154> care to predict a score for FIU game this weekend AJ?

NewYorkNittany> 52-3

markg1977> AJ....who is recruiting you the hardest?

ajalexanderfans> 42-3 psu

mayormccheez> *7,0AJ, you concerned that the number of ships that PSU has available is dwindling?

ajalexanderfans> well no1 now cuz of the text rule

LionKing25> AJ...anyone stand out to you when you came up to practice?

mayormccheez> *7,0might want to strike while the iron is still hot

ajalexanderfans> yeah i look into that

joestrosser> AJ, Rutgers as a dark horse?

ajalexanderfans> i think uhm num 18 look rutgers never

mal106> he can be 18 on offense tho

scpsu21> not me

quez56> what's wrong with Jersey AJ? FOSSpecialGuest has entered the room (hostname:

CoryJames> *4,0no left turns

MalibuHammy> Rutgers , Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Tennessee? Come dominate in front of 110k in Happy Valley!

lionlover> lol@no left turns

ajalexanderfans> i met num 18 he a linebacker

ajalexanderfans> haha his girl messaged me on myspace

LionKing25> Bowman yeah supposed to be a stud

pjk154> i'm a little disappointed Navorro didnt win the starting job

lionlover> kek174- There isn never a smell in jersey after you leave?

mal106> she good lookin?

mrl5043> aj have you ever been to blacksburg, va or knoxville, tn?

CoryJames> *4,0ok fellas, Big Mike Zordich is in the house posting as FOSSPECIALGUEST

ajalexanderfans> i went to jersey i jsu dint like it that much

mayormccheez> *7,0welcome Mike

mal106> hey big Z

NittanyBurgh> Welcome Mike

MalibuHammy> BIG Z in the HOUSe !!!!

LionKing25> we hear you aj..jersey isnt that great lol

joestrosser> AJ, Are you keeping the speed with the added weight?

PSUski02> welcome mike

ajalexanderfans> yessir

indynittany> Welcome aboard Mike!

lionlover>'s all good bud

pjk154> nice hit last weekend Z

ajalexanderfans> nah he always joke w me bout it ha

naplesalumni> applause

joestrosser> good stuff. Any shot at a sub 10.6 next year?

PSU42Fan> thank you for beating the crap out of mentor, mike

MalibuHammy> WHats up big Mike Z!

ajalexanderfans> uhm idk if im gonna run track

FOSSpecialGuest> hey its michael zordich

LionKing25> big mike zordich and aj here this is cool

naplesalumni> LOL

fp001> *7,0jr or sr?

mal106> plan on enrolling early or just concentrating on fb?

FOSSpecialGuest> jr

ajalexanderfans> yeah

psusnoop> Hi Zor

indynittany> LL, how old are you again? lol

NittanyBurgh> Welcome Mike


psusnoop> hows everything going

CoryJames> *4,0u ready for gateway Mike?

JellRoll> Welcome, Mike

h2o22> thought it was your should grow a mullet out like he had for the Birds

lionlover> indy...chronolgical or behavioral?

LexLion> Great hit on that dude the other nigt?

FOSSpecialGuest> no im not enrolling early

LionKing25> Mike..maybe a couple future nittany lions on Gateway in a yr take it easy on them.

FOSSpecialGuest> lol thanks

mal106> did aj and mike meet?

FOSSpecialGuest> yea were ready for gateway

MalibuHammy> Mike, you coming to PSU for the ND game?

FOSSpecialGuest> aj?

mal106> aj alexandar is in the room

ajalexanderfans> nahh i never met him

LionKing25> AJ Alexander is here too mike

FOSSpecialGuest> yea ill be at the nd game

markg1977> AJ......what is your timing to committ?

FOSSpecialGuest> ohh hey aj

mal106> he is the fast guy we are going to land in your class

ajalexanderfans> uhm w/e it feel right

underscoreTom> man, if any more recruits come in here, Tom Lemming is going to make an appearance

FOSSpecialGuest> ur commiting?

ajalexanderfans> oh what up mike

ljheismanrecount> mike do you still here from other schools?

fp001> *7, you project at MLB only or do you think you could play olb in college as well?

kek174> welcome mike.....we're trying to convince AJ to come to PSU......

bplion> Mike Z welcome, are you trying to steer T Pryor away from OSU?

BleedsBlueandWhite> Mike beat it our of AJ to comitt ;)

NittanyBurgh> Mike, saw the highlights from the last game, awesome stuff

joestrosser> LK is probably Lemming.

FOSSpecialGuest> haha thanks

mal106> haha

h2o22> lets see how many tOSU committs you can knock silly this year

MalibuHammy> Mike,welcome to PSU! Cant wait to see continue the tradition at Linebacker U !

mal106> he will get his hits on osu soon enough

kek174> lol ll makes sense now

FOSSpecialGuest> yea its gunna be awesome

LionKing25> you guys play Gateway this yr or?

LexLion> So, when is your younger brother committing Mike?

ajalexanderfans> nahh we dont

markg1977> AJ... after the ND game...might feel right then.....ya never know

ajalexanderfans> yeah maybe ha

scpsu21> Mike I created you as a prospect on NCAA 08 and you picked Michigan whats up with that haha

pjk154> any other future lions on the Mooney squad???

mal106> aj you play qb, correct?

LionKing25> you guys are funny trying to get a verbal out of aj here tongight lol

lionlover> Hey Mike...can you beat your dad in a 40 yd dash...or does he still have the wheels?

FOSSpecialGuest> yea brandon beachums coming...

joestrosser> Who does young Cadogan play for?

pjk154> younger guys...

h2o22> that is a good question lionlover

fp001> *7,0how many yards for beachum this year...2000?

ajalexanderfans> yeah / rb

h2o22> i bet Zordich Sr still got some wheels

mrl5043> big z you need to start working on simon for next year

FOSSpecialGuest> \i thnk i got him now lol

FOSSpecialGuest> im already on it

fp001> *7, is your little brother doing?

FOSSpecialGuest> hes doing really good

PSU42Fan> mike - what schools is simon considering?

h2o22> Mike did you ever get a chance to see your dad play when he was in Philly at the Vet?

FOSSpecialGuest> all of them

NewYorkNittany> put a nice lick on that kid last game mike

FOSSpecialGuest> oh yea ..i saw every home game

FOSSpecialGuest> ha thanks

mal106> aj, when you see what derrick williams does this year remember he played qb too!

h2o22> loved seeing your dad back in the secondary it was a blast

MalibuHammy> AJ and Zordich in the same chat, with Beachum joining soon...We Are!

ajalexanderfans> yea i will ha

lionlover> Mike you think PSU has a legitimate chance with Simon, or is he OSU's to lose?

FOSSpecialGuest> brandon cant come

mal106> aww

FOSSpecialGuest> no he definately has a chance

mrl5043> mike do us all a favor and expose shayne hale this week...we all know he's overrated

FOSSpecialGuest> from what i heard he likes it a LOT

mikestuf04> *1,0Aj and Mike predictions for penn states record this year?

pennstate1> aj do you talk to Manual

FOSSpecialGuest> 12-0

fp001> *7,0AJ...can you go under 10.5 this year?

h2o22> he (Simon) likes what a lot? Penn State?

ajalexanderfans> i havent in a while

FOSSpecialGuest> yea penn state ...btu he likes everywhere else too

FOSSpecialGuest> i really couldnt tell u where hes gunna go

NittanyBurgh> 12-0, a true lion already, lol

h2o22> what grade is the little Zordich in?

LionKing25> Mike z think you can get Simon to a game with you and Brandon?

mal106> beat simon up for us if he chooses osu!

PSU42Fan> is he a PSU kid?

FOSSpecialGuest> 10th

CoryJames> *4,0Mike, what other recruits are you in contact with this year? We know Beachum and Mauti

h2o22> position for him ht/wt?

MalibuHammy> Mike, you coming to PSU for any other games other than ND? Wisky or OSU?

FOSSpecialGuest> yea im tryin to get him to come to the nd one

msj56> *1,0Mike, whos your favorite PSU linebacker currently on the team

LionKing25> Cool..well AJ will be there too.

CaveLion> *1,0Or all time for that matter

h2o22> LK will be wearing his tOSU jersey

BleedsBlueandWhite> Mike being from Ohio is it vey hard to say no to OSU? It seems that most of the kids in that state are almost brainwashed into OSU from day 1.

FOSSpecialGuest> connor n lee ... both sweet

PSU42Fan> mike - has PSU said only LB or could you play offense?

NittanyBurgh> Mike, have you talked to Yancich and Mauti? Linebacker U lookin good

LexLion> h2022 ... not nice (lol)

NewYorkNittany> mike who is your toughest opponent this year?

FOSSpecialGuest> yea i talk to both of them

FOSSpecialGuest> gateway

ljheismanrecount> you three are going to be sick out there

lionlover> Mike, have you taken any AP courses that will transfer into credit at PSU? And what will be your major?

daCronk> good answer, always says your next opponent

MalibuHammy> Mike, get in D. Lynn, Walker, and AJ's ear at ND guys can bring that title back to PSU!

mal106> mike, would you mind blocking for aj on kick returns?

FOSSpecialGuest> no not at all blocking

LionKing25> AJ..know what posititon you are playing this yr?

mal106> good man

ajalexanderfans> uhm i get switched alot

pjk154> bring a title back??? more like keep it in happy valley after this year's title...

ajalexanderfans> qb/rb/wr

psulions12> u guys need to get into pryors ear, lol

LionKing25> Yeah cuz your so fast lol

ajalexanderfans> hah

mrl5043> mike any chance you play FB at psu and get the chance to block for beachum for another 4 years?

PSU42Fan> or someone else's ear...

kek174> gotta run.......AJ, Mike, thanks for coming......good luck this yeak

kek174> year

FOSSpecialGuest> uhh i dnt kno about fb

MalibuHammy> Pryor will be there for ND is going to be crazy on Sep 8th

NewYorkNittany> mike do you got a lot of returning players on your HS team this year?

ajalexanderfans> thanks

LionKing25> when i picture aj at psu i think slot wr and i think wow.

NittanyBurgh> Mike, do you prefer LB or FB? I know you'll be a LB for PSU

FOSSpecialGuest> yea .. a lot

FOSSpecialGuest> lb

fp001> *7, u project at MLB?

FOSSpecialGuest> yea ...from wut ive heard from the coches

mikestuf04> *1,0i see aj flying past michigans defense and zordich laying mallet out

fp001> *7,0how big are you these days?

lionlover> Mike, that HIT I saw you make on TV was TEXT BOOK. They should make that a required video clip for aspiring young linebackers to learn proper technique!

fp001> *7,0legitimately

joestrosser> Hey Aj, How tall are you? So many different numbers put out there.

FOSSpecialGuest> 6 1 ...235

h2o22> aj is 178

LionKing25> the young talent is bigtime no doubt..psu looks like we have a great future

ajalexanderfans> haha im close to 6

fp001> *7,0so i won't see you next year checking in at will be 235?

h2o22> i am 187 and solid joe in case you needed to know

ajalexanderfans> i was like 5 11 .5 at scout

lionlover> got that 178 down brother :O)

FOSSpecialGuest> i dunno

mal106> wow your 235!?

mal106> that is awsome

h2o22> gotta take notes

LexLion> so, that means you are 6-1 in the mmedia guide

FOSSpecialGuest> wutever the coaches want me to check in at

pjk154> HS LBs are getting bigger and bigger...

joestrosser> h2, I was asking height, how tall are you , LOL!

ajalexanderfans> ouch

fp001> *7,0now that is the correct answer

FOSSpecialGuest> haha

h2o22> 73.5 inches

mal106> mike, would you rather hit sam mcguffie or jimmy clausen?

FOSSpecialGuest> haha both...

LionKing25> the clausen hype is nauesating he hasnt thrown a ball in college yet.

NewYorkNittany> you gonna wear #43?

GregTNG> Mike, are any other programs still contacting you?

FOSSpecialGuest> nope...they kn im not changing mymind

FOSSpecialGuest> itd be stpid to do that

mal106> you the man!

CaveLion> *1,0Florida will call next year

LionKing25> Mike Z did you know that Yancich is like the Pa state record deadlift holder?

pjk154> ha

lionlover> lol cave

mikestuf04> *1,0mike do you have AJ's cell number

h2o22> jamere holland not getting his release from SC to slimey urban

FOSSpecialGuest> haha no...

PSU42Fan> aj - meyer get a lot of miles on that golf cart?

pennstate1> probably he would rather hit shane hale, to open a hole for bb.

ajalexanderfans> hahah prolly

MalibuHammy> Mike, ever heard of DE Jack Crawford? He just commited to PSU. Hell of an athlete. SHould be a nice teamate for ya on our future Defense.

LionKing25> 66" 250 reported 4.56 40 time..

h2o22> a brit at DE for Penn State

FOSSpecialGuest> no but id like to get it...

PSU42Fan> yeah teammate just committed

h2o22> pretty wild

FOSSpecialGuest> \aj?

ajalexanderfans> yeah

pjk154> don't give it out on here

lionlover> Heard that jack Crawford is a "bloody good chap"

FOSSpecialGuest> aj where u from?

h2o22> LK will be calling 15 times a day

ajalexanderfans> altoona

pjk154> haha

ajalexanderfans> haha

NewYorkNittany> you and beachum got a bet with mccarthy for the nd game?

h2o22> make McCarthy wear a PSU jersey all month

PSU42Fan> mccarthy should come for that game

PSU42Fan> they might need him

h2o22> I'll use Green Street Hooligans

mal106> aj and mike you guys and instant message eachother

mal106> it will be easier to talk

h2o22> what is this loveconnection or Fight On State

ajalexanderfans> idk how to do that

LionKing25> hat games atmosphere will give you chills..AJ and Mike Z i went to the OSU game 05' was so packed that we physically could not sit..everyone stood the whole game this will top it.

PSUzenoLion> AJ, Mike... I hope to see both of you help PSU destroy Michigan in 2008

psulions12> click on his name on the right under the members names

MalibuHammy> Mike or AJ...ever been to BABY's at PSu for food?

mal106> to talk to just eachother, right click the name and select "person to person chat"

h2o22> aka Marques Slocum

MEpsuproud> AJ or mike, have the coaches given you their opinion on how good PSU is going to be this year?

mrl5043> OSU student section was the craziest thing ever

scpsu21> basically think about Michael Vick would do and do the opposite

ajalexanderfans> hahaha scUM

PSUfan88> mike and aj did you see kirk herbstriets awards penn st with the best student section in the country

ajalexanderfans> yeah i saw that

h2o22> just wait 2 weeks to see it

MalibuHammy> College Gameday crew at PSU on Sep 8th....what timethey kickoff on Saturday?

mikestuf04> *1,0new nittany lion and drum major this year i hope they do good

mal106> they will see it for themseleves

h2o22> i go in work on monday and can't talk

mrl5043> OSU game 2005 student section, sorry. i was a freshman...we stood there in awe of the atmosphere for a solid half hour after the game was over. it was breath taking

NittanyBurgh> Mike, is Mooney the favorite for the state title?

BleedsBlueandWhite> or do you mean gameday?

GregTNG> Mike, have you pictured yourself coming out of the tunnel in front of 100k+ fans?

lionlover> Mike what 40 time is your most consistent one. Everyone has a "best time" , but what would you say you run consistently?

scpsu21> gameday is 10am now

FOSSpecialGuest> 4.6

MalibuHammy> Paternoville camping out for ND game soon?

lionlover> ty mike

ajalexanderfans> well thanks all for havin me i enjoyed it an i have to get into these more often but i ahve to go to bed i got my 1st day of school tom

mal106> poz ran about that time too

BleedsBlueandWhite> wow 2 hours

h2o22> i'll be camping at the Darkhorse, the Den, the Gaff and the Easy

PSU42Fan> good luck at school, aj

lionlover> later aj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joestrosser> See yah AJ

MalibuHammy> later AJ.....We ARe !

CaveLion> *1,0Thanks AJ

NittanyBurgh> Good luck AJ, Thanks

mrl5043> thanks aj

mal106> see ya aj

naplesalumni> night, aj

mal106> thanks

GregTNG> good luck aj.. thanks for coming by

psu13> good luck

ajalexanderfans> penn state! later on

mal106> good luck this season

psulions12> thanks for coming in AJ

h2o22> 1st day of school damn how i don't miss that

BleedsBlueandWhite> later aj good luck this year

pjk154> no doubt h2o

markg1977> AJ...good luck this season

BleedsBlueandWhite> AJ =PSU

MalibuHammy> schoolsatrt for you tomorrow too Mike?

LionKing25> AJ is cool

h2o22> 1st week at PSU was a joke though don't think i ever made it past the syllabus

FOSSpecialGuest> haha nope...we started a week ago

h2o22> just heard that Ditty

MalibuHammy> ouch

psufaninky> Why does he bother denying that he is going to PSU?

mal106> he just wants to be sure

pjk154> who's your pro team Mike?

scpsu21> penn state is awesome on sunny days in august

PSU42Fan> mike z - work on aj when you see him at ND

mal106> i can understand that

h2o22> it is all a calculated move by McQueary

FOSSpecialGuest> alright

NittanyBurgh> Penn State is even better on Saturdays in the fall....

h2o22> Zordich has got to be an Eagles fan

lionlover> There is something I like about AJ other than his 4.29 40....I guess when he says he hates Michigan and stays long enough to reply "Penn State" know he was meant to wear Blue & White :O)

pjk154> McQ is engineering the weather to be perfect for ND weekend too

FOSSpecialGuest> oh ya

mal106> hey mike got a number you would love to have at psu?

FOSSpecialGuest> love the eagles

MalibuHammy> Mike , ever met WR Deion Walker ?

FOSSpecialGuest> 9

FOSSpecialGuest> no havent met him

PSU42Fan> you and some others that have committed are the perfect representative for PSU

h2o22> i need to find a throwback Zordich Birds jersey to go with my Randall and Reggie Jersey

LionKing25> you know who a lot of these recruits are..or do you not follow the sites?

h2o22> if you got an extra one send it my way.....thanks

pjk154> Hayes

CoryJames> *4,0man mike, you are a pennsylvania guy in ohio...thats for sure....eagles and PSU

psufaninky> Mike, how do PSU and OSU in recruiting style?

FOSSpecialGuest> i know some ... but i dont realy follow the sites

LionKing25> cool

MalibuHammy> Zordich is all Penn presser...pure PSu Middle Linebacker.....just like pops

underscoreTom> wasn't McQueary #9?

pjk154> he was

psufaninky> I meant compare in recruiting style.

FOSSpecialGuest> haha... i hear that a lot

h2o22> come on Ryan Howard.......big spot

BleedsBlueandWhite> Mike, when Beachum is at RB, who does he remind you of in terms of an NFL running back vurrent or retired. He seems to remind me of Jerome Bettis

lionlover> franinky- thta's a good question

FOSSpecialGuest> there about the same really... all the schools are

mal106> ganter in #9 now

mal106> i think

mrl5043> cory dillon

FOSSpecialGuest> edgein james i guess

h2o22> Tony Hunt

h2o22> Mike, what's Brandon in the 40?

LionKing25> Hey Mike z thansk for coming by and good luck this yr...later everyone..

BleedsBlueandWhite> i just love his footwork, it amazes me

FOSSpecialGuest> same as me

h2o22> would he say that too?

FOSSpecialGuest> c ya prob..thanks LionKing25 Quit (Web Browser closed)

pjk154> corey dillon is not a bad comparison at all.

FOSSpecialGuest> haha yea hed say that twak1 Quit (Web Browser closed)

lionlover> Mike...did any school recruiting you offer you a little somthin somethin if you went there?

BleedsBlueandWhite> i think the 2 of you are going to have a good time running the big ten for 4 years

MalibuHammy> Mike, every play against Mike Shaw, the other RB we landed in your class?

FOSSpecialGuest> nope

FOSSpecialGuest> nah havent played him

mal106> do you play Shaws team this year?

FOSSpecialGuest> no

psufaninky> Do you think you would have attended PSU if your parents hadn't?

psufan2020> mike if there is a player u model ur play after who would it be?

psufaninky> I meant compare in recruiting style.

FOSSpecialGuest> haha... i hear that a lot

BleedsBlueandWhite> Mike, when Beachum is at RB, who does he remind you of in terms of an NFL running back vurrent or retired. He seems to remind me of Jerome Bettis

lionlover> franinky- thta's a good question

FOSSpecialGuest> there about the same really... all the schools are

MalibuHammy> Mke, were you at the PSu game in Happy Valley vs OSU in 2005? Crazy atmosphere..

FOSSpecialGuest> umm... i try the urlacher style as hard as i can

pjk154> would you like to play in the Big 33 game Mike??

NittanyBurgh> Mike, any of the current PSU LBs make an impression on you during a visit?

FOSSpecialGuest> oh definately

FOSSpecialGuest> mauti...hes awesome...we talk all the time

mal106> mauti talked to us on here, you guys are alot alike

MalibuHammy> How is MAuti doing? His foot?

FOSSpecialGuest> yancich is really cool too ...ive seen him around a couple times

FOSSpecialGuest> hes good 2 more weeks he says

h2o22> Mike, how thrilled were your parents when you finally let them know you wanted to go to Penn State? It seems as if your dad really had no idea

babapsu> mike, who do you think will be the next head coach from what you heard during the recruiting?

pjk154> there can't be another school that rolls in the legacies like we do.

FOSSpecialGuest> he told me it feel pretty good

FOSSpecialGuest> joepa aint leavinnetime soon so im not worried about that EagleEars Quit (Connection reset by peer (TCP/IP connection broken))

PSUfan88> mike any other favorite sports growing up or was it all football

pjk154> any other schools negative recruit against JoePa's age??

FOSSpecialGuest> basketball

pjk154> no need to say which ones..

FOSSpecialGuest> no not really

mal106> aj you play qb, correct?

lionlover> Hey Mike...can you beat your dad in a 40 yd dash...or does he still have the wheels?

FOSSpecialGuest> yea brandon beachums coming...

joestrosser> Who does young Cadogan play for?

pjk154> younger guys...

h2o22> that is a good question lionlover

fp001> *7,0how many yards for beachum this year...2000?

ajalexanderfans> yeah / rb

h2o22> i bet Zordich Sr still got some wheels

mrl5043> big z you need to start working on simon for next year

FOSSpecialGuest> \i thnk i got him now lol

FOSSpecialGuest> im already on it

NittanyBurgh> Mike, if you could name name 1 thing about PSU that made you want to commit, what would it be?

lionlover> 1977- just an awesome night with Mike Zordich and AJ

mal106> thanks for coming mike, good luck against Gateway and I hope you enjoy your vist

pjk154> we hit 110 for michigan last year, which i unfortunately flew from texas for...tailgate was worth it tho

FOSSpecialGuest> tradition

bresnock7> Tradition...Mike you're the man!

FOSSpecialGuest> what videos?

babapsu> when you put a big lick on pryor this weekend, can you whisper psu in his ear??

h2o22> i need a new video before saturday to get more jacked up

Cafe210> Mike - what's your prediction for the Eagles this year? I'm thinking 12-4

indynittany> Good answer, Mike!

NittanyBurgh> We have a resident you tube genius around here

h2o22> they play gateway not jeannette

FOSSpecialGuest> yea ...d mcnabb looks awesome

lionlover> lolh20 knows who they play scootas14 Quit (Ping timeout)

h2o22> but smoke Hayle and lay off the juniors

psu13> Good Luck Mike.

FOSSpecialGuest> thanks

LexLion> That would be a great time to get a lick on a possible OSU verbal right there.

h2o22> saddler, hayle, leon green from west mifflin and the jr's

NittanyBurgh> saddler could be awesome in the return game

PSU42Fan> he's tall...get underneath him and lift him off his feet

h2o22> dorian bell and ......forgettin the other scootas14 has entered the room (hostname:

psufan2020> corey brown

h2o22> yep bplion Quit (Web Browser closed) PSUFlyers has entered the room (hostname:

markg1977> Mike...thanks for stopping by....have a great year

FOSSpecialGuest> no prob ..thanks

lionlover> Hey Mike, if it isn't an inconvenience we would love to know your opinion of Saddler after the game. Some say he is too small for D-1 while others disagree. It would be great to get a Lber's opinion

mrl5043> mike whats your favorite music to get you pumped up before games

bresnock7> Mike, did Vandy recruit you?

NittanyBurgh> Mike, Any idea how many PSU games you can get to this year?

h2o22> aw man good night.....thanks for stopping by Mike...... We Are!!!!& Fly Eagles Fly

pjk154> just gonna ask the same thing MRL

naplesalumni> MICHAEL...what do you think of all these old guys talking smack?

FOSSpecialGuest> haha i htink itshilarious

naplesalumni> LOL

lionlover> LOL

FOSSpecialGuest> lol

PSU42Fan> who's old?

FOSSpecialGuest> thanks for havin me guys but i gotta go

FOSSpecialGuest> i got homework

PSU42Fan> thanks, mike

naplesalumni> Night mike

FOSSpecialGuest> c ya sep 8th

mrl5043> thanks big z

CoryJames> *4,0thanks mike!

NittanyBurgh> Thanks Mike, good luck

GregTNG> Thanks for stopping by, Mike... We Are...

lionlover> Thank you Mike!!!


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