FOS Blitz: Don't Miss Out

FOS Blitz is the grandfather of the current Fight On State site and magazine; it started it all. However, the Blitz is changing somewhat and will now be delivered to you directly via email. Make sure you are set up to receive it for FREE every week this season.

This year we are making some changes to the FOS Blitz. The biggest change is that we are moving the Blitz to email so it can get sent directly to you every week. However, in order to ensure you will receive the Blitz (it's still FREE as always) you MUST have your FOS account email settings set to receive breaking news from FOS. To check your settings:

1. Log into FOS with your username and password? Don;t have an account? Sign up, it's free.

2. Click on My Account located in the upper right of the site.

3. Click on the My Member Profile link on the account page.

4. Scroll down and make sure the box marked "Please email me with breaking news from" is checked.

5. Also make sure the dropdown box below it is set to "Penn State -"

If you have any questions please let us know.


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