FOS Site Redesigned

The primary goal we focus on here at is to continually improve. With that in mind, the site will get a redesigned look with new features and functionality in the mix to enhance your FOS experience.

You may notice the new FOS site look. With it comes several enhancements and new features. The key aspects of the redesign include:

Overhauled Control Panel: This is the header that appears on top of the front page and the forums. The goal is to clean up this section and make it cleaner and improve usability.

The Ticker: While the news section (headlines and story listing) will remain basically the same, we now also will have a scrolling ticker as an additional method to inform you of important news and info.

Incorporating The Forums: Below the news listing you will see a box that will tell you how many FOS members are currently using the forums, while also providing some links to popular and/or newsworthy forums threads.

Recruit Videos: You will now be able to view highlight reels of Penn State recruits directly on the front page of the site with a new recruit video module on the right side of the front page.

There are also additional advantages to the improved look which will enable us to provide some new features and unique content down the road.

We sincerely appreciate understanding and patience as we undergo this redesign. We know change isn't always welcomed, but we think this redesign will improve your experience at We also thank you your ongoing support of FOS as we continue to work to bring you unmatched coverage of PSU.

Thanks again,

The FOS Staff


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