ND: Game Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short in Saturday's big game at Beaver Stadium? We let you know in our weekly report card.

OVERALL: Penn State had a solid all-around effort in beating a team it was supposed to beat.
Grade: B

OFFENSE: Slow start by this unit kept Notre Dame in the game longer than it should have been. The Lion offense got the job done when it had to. But it was not nearly as sharp as it was a week earlier.
Grade: C+

DEFENSE: This unit has allowed three points in two games, and that field goal came after the Irish had been set up at the PSU 7-yard line by a punt return.
Grade: A

SPECIAL TEAMS: The long punt return prevents State from getting a top grade in this department. Overall, however, another good day for the kicking teams.
Grade: B

COACHING: Joe Paterno and staff really have not been forced into a tactical battle just yet. They get bonus points here for having the team in top shape.
Grade: B

INTANGIBLES: Give Penn State loads of credit for not panicking after mistakes led to an early hole.
Grade: B

OTHER GUYS: Rookie QB Jimmy Clausen looks like a keeper, as does classmate Armando Allen, a running back. Beyond that, however, the Notre Dame offense is an abomination.
Grade: D+

OFFICIALS: No bad calls stood out. Notre Dame was flagged 14 times but most of them were no-brainer calls for the zebras.
Grade: B

CROWD: You can only hope that the team, the coaching staff and the athletic department appreciate what they have. We get the sense they do.
Grade: A+


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