Nittany Notes: Pressing Questions

Despite pulling off a 31-10 victory over Notre Dame, Penn State has some pressing questions to address this week. What is the status of Andrew Quarless and Willie Harriott? How is Justin King's shoulder? Is John Shaw injured? Get answers to these and other questions.

Penn State's staff is taking the health of the team very seriously as it prepares for Saturday's Buffalo game, with the first road contest of the season (against Michigan) looming a week later. On Sunday, all PSU players who saw action against Notre Dame were asked to report to the training facility to get treatment for any injuries, no matter how minor.

"The coaches want to address any injuries with the players early to provide adequate treatment and rest," one observer told us. "They can't afford too many significant injuries with the games [like Michigan] on the horizon."

The checkups came after the team helped clean Beaver Stadium in the morning as part of its collective punishment for an off-field incident in April.

With the, ahem, housekeeping out of the way, we move on to the pressing questions:

Is John Shaw injured?

The right guard has been seen limping around since Saturday's Notre Dame game. "He should be fine," according to one practice observer. "But they may go easy on him this week to let his leg recover."

What is the status of Andrew Quarless and Willie Harriott?

Neither has seen action through the first two games after they were citied for underage drinking in the preseason. They have been practicing, though, and will likely play against Buffalo this week.

"Joe [Paterno] was praising certain players and said Quarless and Harriott would both play this week," according to one observer. "The staff has been very impressed with how the two have handled themselves, but they have been particularly pleased with Quarless. He could have easily just sat himself on the bench and pouted, but he was pumping up the team and high-fiving guys as they came off the field."

Rather than sit back on the benches with other Lions who were unlikely to play, the sophomore tight end stayed right near the action to offer support for his teammates. Check out the photos from the Notre Dame game below for evidence of that. In the first, Quarless (10) looks on anxiously as Terrell Golden makes a play. In the second, Quarless stations himself next to a certain head coach to watch Justin King engage a receiver prior to a pass.

How is King after the shoulder injury he sustained while intercepting a pass against the Irish?

King was seen grabbing his right shoulder area after the pick (see below) and had the shoulder packed in ice after the game. He told FOS the problem was not serious.

Our observers say he is fine, too. He saw action after the injury and "just iced [his shoulder down] this weekend." As one observer said, "He just came down on it wrong and hyperextended it a bit." The injury does not appear as if it will keep him out of practice this week.

How are Tom McEowen, Abe Koroma, Jed Hill and Devon Still progressing in their rehab?

McEowen dressed for the Notre Dame game but did not see action. "He looks ready, but [Coach Larry Johnson] wants to be sure. I think we could see him in the rotation against Buffalo," one observer said. "He's anxious."

Abe Koroma did not dress for the game and is still taking it easy following a foot fracture sustained late in the preseason. Observers feel he is on track, but he will still need a "few weeks" to get to where he is ready to see practice reps.

Jed Hill did not dress for the Notre Dame game. He is also recovering from a foot injury sustained in the preseason.

Devon Still still has his left leg immobilized with a brace due to the ACL tear he sustained in the preseason.

Other players who did not dress for the Notre Dame game were Francis Claude and Kevin Cousins.

How is Lou Eliades?

Eliades did not see contact last week in practice due to a concussion sustained during the Florida International game. He did not suit up Saturday but appeared fine on the sideline. It is believed that he was held out as a precautionary measure.

How is Jerome Hayes after being mugged on special teams?

Hayes has some cuts and abrasions on his face due to a series of punches thrown by Notre Dame's Travis Thomas while he was on the ground with his helmet off on a punt play. While it is not clear what provoked the attack, Hayes appears to be fine and had an impressive outing for PSU, grabbing two tackles and pulling down Jimmy Clausen for a sack.

Stay tuned to FOS for more practices updates as they prepare for this week's game against Buffalo.


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