4-Star RB Setting Up Visits

Florida running back sensation Brian Dennison has begun the process of setting up visits to prospective schools. He has family living in Philadelphia. Will he visit State College?

Name: Brian Dennison
Position: RB
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 194 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4
School: Mandarin High School, Jacksonville, Florida

Brian and his head coach, Richard Burnoski, who is more commonly referred to as Coach Bruno, have already set up visits to three schools.

"He's going to visit Notre Dame, Michigan State and Miami," Coach Bruno said.  "I don't have the dates with me.  I think Miami is the second week in January and the other two are the first two weeks in December if I remember correctly."

Previously, they had been planning to visit Florida State.

"We've decided not to visit Florida State because they were trying to talk him into playing receiver and he wants to play tailback.

"He catches a lot of balls for us.  We put him in the slot sometimes.  He caught for over a thousand yards last year.  He's a real good receiver, but he wants to play tailback.

"He's just a threat in so many ways, as a running back, a wide-receiver, punt returner and kick returner.  Anytime he touches the ball, just hold your breath, he could be gone."

A visit to State College is still a possibility.

"I know as a junior and sophomore, Penn State is all he talked about.

"Brian has a lot of family up there.  His mom lives in Philadelphia.  That's why I think he likes Penn  State.  He'd like to be closer to his family.  The only family he has in Florida is his dad.  His Aunts,  Uncles, cousins, everybody lives up there."

Has Penn State been in touch lately?

"They haven't lately, everybody else has.  They usually come around this time of year.  They're probably waiting for their off week.

"They'll get down here sometime, they always come down once or twice.  They don't [normally] call as much as everyone else does.  They still send him letters."

When will he decide on the remaining visits?

"He's really not in a hurry.  He's just concentrating on playing right now.  He rushed for 257 yards the other night.  He broke the school record.  He now has 3,226 yards and 57 touchdowns for his career.  That  includes splitting time for two years with Cedric Taylor."

Brian is working hard to qualify.  According to Coach Bruno, he has a 2.2 core GPA and scored 17 on the ACT.  He will be taking the SAT for the first time on October 26.

Coach Bruno expects Brian to make a decision in mid-January.

Does Brian get a written offer from Penn State?

"I think he did.  They didn't send me one.  I know they sent one to Marcus (Marcus Thomas who has already committed to Florida State) because he brought it in and showed it to me.  Brian told me that they had offered him."

Brian, however, said that he has not yet received a written offer from Penn State.

Have they called him?

"No, but they send me a lot of mail," Brian said.

Have many schools called to talk to him?

"Not that many, I just get a lot of mail."

Is there a chance he may visit Penn State?

"There's a chance.  My options are still open, so any team is possible."

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