PSU Game-Day Weather is proud to welcome Joe Murgo, a 1990 Penn State graduate and chief meteorologist for WTAJ-TV, as a contributor. Check out his weather forecast for the PSU-Buffalo clash Saturday.

Penn State - Buffalo Game Forecast

If we play word association with the word Buffalo, many people would come back with either snow or cold. Well let's just forget about that "s" word as that is not going to happen in mid-September. And while it won't be cold to the true sense, it will be a stark contrast to the stuffiness of the stadium last week that challenged your deodorant.

It's a noon kickoff which guarantees that if you travel early Saturday morning, you will run into the early game jam on the roads. If you are coming in from the west, the threat for showers will be small unless you leave real early. You will probably run into a little bit of wind as you head over the higher ridges during your journey.

Coming from the east or the south is a different story. You will probably be running the windshield wipers for a good portion of the trip, and while the rain should be fairly light, you can pass through a heavier burst of rain as you cross the eastward moving fronts. Pregame tailgates will be cool and it will be breezy, so be prepared with a plan to keep the tents in your spot and the goodies on your table. I remember the one game a couple of years ago, where the tent at the tailgate I was attending blew over a few spots down into an SUV. Unfortunately, there was a small dog tied to the tent that went along for the ride. Fortunately, the dog was okay and the people owning the SUV were contacted as it didn't fair as well.

I digressed, but the moral of the story is that it will be breezy on Saturday and you should take the proper precautions. I do believe that the showers in State College will be done before 10 a.m., however, as a rush of cooler air pushes into the region, I can't rule out some sprinkles or showers developing during the game. They should be light and brief, and frankly, I think it's safe to leave the rain gear in the car.

Inside the stadium it will be chilly in the shade, but if you are in a seat that is exposed to any of the peeks of sunlight, that sun will feel nice and warm. I suggest leaving the shorts behind and wearing a second layer such as a sweater or light jacket. There may be a time when you want to take it off, but there will be other times that you were happy for that second layer, especially in the shade with the breeze. Temperatures through the game time should hover pretty close to the 60 degree mark. Postgame tailgates will be cool, but nice with only the chance for some sprinkles or brief showers. The trip home should be uneventful, but if you are staying in Happy Valley,in the RV it will be a chilly night with lows dropping into the 30s.

Go Lions.

Joe Murgo is a 1990 graduate of Penn State and the Chief Meterologist for WTAJ-TV and


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