Buffalo: In-Game Review

Get in-game updates and analysis on the Penn State-Buffalo game right here. We'll be updating the action throughout the afternoon, so check back often.

Tangling horns with Buffalo, Penn State is looking for improvement in a few areas, including:

  • Grinding the Ground: Can fifth-year seniors Austin Scott Rodney Kinlaw, and perhaps redshirt freshman Evan Royster, spark the ground game out of the gate? Buffalo's run defense is ranked 39th in the nation, but can PSU roll up some yardage before things start to wear down in the second half?

  • Passing Lane: Morelli brushed off his critics this week, but will the senior captain show consistency in his game, spreading the ball around and mounting some early drives while protecting the ball?

  • Sargeant at Arms: Lydell Sargeant has struggled at times and shown some streaks of inconsistency opposite Justin King at corner. Buffalo is likely to toss in his direction, but can he tighten up his coverage and sharpen up his technique?

  • Line Dancing: With John Shaw dealing with a knee injury and Gerald Cadogan dealing with a broken hand how will the line look and perform this weeek? The OL two-deep warming up is:

    LT: Gerald Cadogan, Nerraw McCormack
    LG: Rich Ohrnberger, Lou Elaides
    C: A.Q. Shipley, Pat Weber
    RG: Mike Lucian, Stefen Wisniewski
    RT: Dennis Landolt, Joe Torriello


    Buffalo came out with a spark picking up a quick first down, but Willy has limited support and came out scrambling for minimal gains and a 12 yard pick-up. The defense came out aggressive and gave up some yardage, but managed to stop Buffalo on a third and four. Good start for the defense.

    On the other hand, PSU came out slow with a three and out deep in its own territory, but Jeremy Boone managed to save PSU with a deep punt. The early goings are slow all around,with PSU starting deep in their own territory on the first two drives with the second resulting from a mental lapse by Scirrotto who let the punt go at the 20 and bounce to the 10.

    Austin Scott has another early fumble giving Buffalo a golden opportunity. Scott actually with two fumbles now -- he does not protect the ball well at all in traffic. Scirrotto also struggling letting his second punt go inside the 10.

    The defense definitely has been the bright spot through one with fumbles and punt return miscues causing PSU fits.


    Rodney Kinlaw has taking control of the opportunity picking up first downs and good chunks of yardage. He is making a case for Scott's starting job after Scott fumbled twice on three carries for no yards. Morelli continues to play inconsistently with the "dink and dunk" game plan the coaches are using. PSU ties it up 3-3 on a 27 yard Kelly fielg goal.

    The defense continues to play tough forcing short drives by Buffalo. The linebackers in particular are playing sharp, snuffing out Starks and Willy.

    Freshman Stefen Wisniewski stepped in at right guard for Mike Lucian, who has been solid early on.

    Andrew Quarless makes his first appearance of the season in the second quarter, pulling in the first touchdown of the game giving PSU a 10-3 lead late in the second.

    Penn State added to its lead with a circus catch by Jordan Norwood, which was reviewed and surprisingly not overturned giving PSU a 17-3 lead. Buffalo marched down the field, but after a big Hayes-Lee combination sack the Bulls missed a field goal.


    After struggling in the first half PSU came out swinging starting with a 50 yard kickoff return by A.J. Wallace. PSU marched down the field scoring on a sharp play-action pass from Morelli to Golden giving them a 24-3 lead.

    Dan Connor is having a monster game with Sean Lee. In the first half Lee has eight tackles, Connor has seven. Both have been big day.

    Morelli starting to sharpen up, tossing a 45 yard strike to Butler for first and goal on an amazing fake. He finished up the drive with a four-yard strike to Quarless in the corner giving PSU a 31-3 lead.

    Through three quarters Kinlaw had 17 carries for 91 yards, Morelli was 16-22 for 179 yards and 4 TDs, Butler had five catches for 72 yards and Quarless had two catches for 25 yards and 2 TDs.

    On defense Conoor and Lee both had 12 tackles.


    Amazingly the defense surrenders an offensive touchdown, the first of the season, making the score 31-10.

    On the next drive Kinlaw continues to lead the charge, scoring on a 7-yard touchdown run and giving PSU a 38-10.

    Buffalo continues to fight and scores again, but Austin Scott rips off a late 40-yard touchdown run to make the score 45-17.

    Stay tuned for unmatched post-game coverage from FOS.


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