U-M Report Card

Who made the grade and who failed big-time in Penn State's 14-9 loss at Michigan Saturday? Check out our grades to find out.

OVERALL: Difficult to put any kind of positive spin on this ugly performance.
Grade: F+

OFFENSE: Appalachian State scored 34 on Michigan. Oregon scored 39. Penn State couldn't even crack the end zone. Given the recent big-game performances by the PSU offense, it is fair to ask if something is haywire in the Galen Hall/Jay Paterno leadership of this unit.
Grade: F-

DEFENSE: Played well overall but cracked at the worst possible time. But it is tough to be too hard on a unit that allowed one sustained TD drive.
Grade: C+

SPECIAL TEAMS: The lone bright spot for the Lions on this day. Unfortunately ffor PSU fans, it was a rare tight game where special teams did not have a serious impact.
Grade: A

COACHING: Why do we always get the sense that Penn State plays not to lose whenever it faces Michigan? Note to staff: the strategy is not working.
Grade: D

INTANGIBLES: Penn State figured to have an edge in experience and momentum. But the Lions could not take advantage.
Grade: D

OTHER GUY: The fact that this is clearly not a great Michigan team made the Wolverines' clutch play Saturday that much more impressive.
Grade: B+

OFFICIALS: PSU should never have been in a position to allow the officials to impact the outcome. But it seems every time the Lions play in Ann Arbor they have a valid reason to beef.
Grade: D

CROWD: We continue to be unimpressed by huge crowds at Michigan. The 111,310 on hand Saturday did not seem to have a real impact on the game.
Grade: B


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