Michigan: The High Five

Penn State experienced more lows than highs today in today's clash in Ann Arbor against Michigan. We review the highs and lows of the game for the Nittany Lions.

Positives are tough to pull out of this game, but here we go:

The High Five

Dan Connor: Talk about heart. PSU's captain came to play today, swarming to the ball and making play after play after play. Connor was the spark the defense needed to keep PSU in the game. Honorable Mention: Sean Lee and Navorro Bowman who hasd solid days.

The Defense: The D came to play, holding Mike Hart to 3.8 YPC on 40 carries (a career carry day for him). The defense deserves a round of applause considering the lack of help they got all day from the offense.

Kevin Kelly: Be it field goals or kickoffs, Kevin Kelly was as dependable as ever, hitting all of his field goals and getting some deep kickoffs.

Andrew Quarless: He only pulled in two balls, but he changes the whole complexion of the offense, averaging 16.5 yards per catch. It's too bad Morelli could not find him more often.

Jeremy Boone: It's never a good sign when your punter makes the top five positives list, but Boone was an asset in the field position battle getting them out of some jams.

The Low Five

Play-calling: The only thing Paterno may be more conservative on that his political views is his play-calling. Facing a team that struggles handling the pass, why not come out and run, run, run with up the gut hand-offs and draw plays? Three and out, that's why.

Anthony Morelli: It comes down to consistency. At times Morelli looks solid and at other times he looks like a deer in headlights. Today he just didn't display the mental toughness or decision-making he needed (like taking sacks, coughing up a fumble) to lead Penn State to a needed victory.

Austin Scott: I am not sure what it takes for a running back to understand that ball protection is everything, but Scott needs to revisit this lesson, considering fumbles are now a consistent part of his game.

Offensive Line: Another unit marked with inconsistency, the Offensive Line simply struggled consistently giving Morelli a pocket to work in or opening up lanes. How pathetic was that last "drive"?

The Streak: Nine in a row -- enough said.


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