Illinois: The High Five

This should he named 'The Low Five' this week. Four turnovers and four sacks - and that is just Anthony Morelli. This loss was a statement game for PSU, except it wasn't what Penn State fans wanted to hear.

Finding the highs in this one is tough, but here it goes...

The Highs

Between the 20s: Penn State moved the ball well between the 20-yard lines, mounting some solid drives -- closing them out was another thing.

Derrick Williams: Williams had 20 yards rushing and another 79 yards on five catches, including the team's first touchdown.

Jeremy Boone: Boone has been a rock-star on punts, booting a 70-yard punt. Boone may be the most pleasant surprise of the year for PSU.

Jordan Norwood: Three catches for 89 yards with a long of 43 with a stellar 29.7 yards per catch.

Sean Lee: Another Herculean effort with 17 tackles.

Austin Scott: Hey, he didn't fumble. That deserves an honorable mention.

The lows were plentiful in this one.

The Lows

Anthony Morelli: Sure the senior QB has 300+ yards passing, but his performance is riddled with "critical mistakes" -- two interceptions and a key -- a KEY -- first down fumble on the final drive in the redzone. Penn State's coaches have to re-evaluate if they are going to start planning for the future.

A.J. Wallace: What is wrong with Wallace? He flat out appeared slow, hesitant and indecisive on kick returns. Something was clearly wrong with Wallace in this game.

Red-zone Play: This team simply cannot consistently closeout drives. Reflections of earlier this decade.

Lack of Planning: We are not talking game plan, we are talking about the offensive staff's inability to get reps for the youngsters when the seniors are clearly struggling; Pat Devlin, Daryll Clark, Evan Royster, you name it.

Defense: Sure, we know they stopped the Illini on some key drives, but they looked dazed and and flat out tired at times. The defensive line could not penetrate the pocket and the secondary played uninspired out of the gate. Perhaps the frustration with the offense is just seaping into their game.


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