Nittany Notes: Rollin' Along

There has been a lot of confusion during what has been a chaotic week with Penn State football. Get some clarification from practice regarding who is and isn't participating, the status of many positions and what sort of "crazy" things are happening in the drills.

Practice Shifts

In Wednesday's practice session the team saw shifts in personnel related to alleged off-field incidents. First, Knowledge Timmons and Chris Baker did not dress for the practice drills. The status of both remains up in the air as of this report. The took in the end of practice from the sideline in street clothes.

There has also been confusion about a report stating Phillip Taylor and Chris Bell were not present at Wednesday's practice. Actually, to clarify, both did practice during the session but were demoted to the scout-team unit, seeing the bulk of their practice reps at defensive tackle and wide receiver, respectively. As we reported in our previous Nittany Notes, one observer said, "Some scout units have gotten a nice talent boost this week. It'll get some good work in for the secondary and offensive line, which can't hurt against a team like [Wisconsin]."

As for Austin Scott, he has not been practicing this week, despite being listed as the No. 3 running back on PSU's released depth chart. The running back situation has had Rodney Kinlaw and Evan Royster splitting first-team reps and donning the power blue first-team jerseys.

The second-team unit has seen Stephfon Green step up in the green second-team jersey. The second-team has also seen a return of Brent Carter, who has moved back to his original position from the secondary.

With the first-team defensive line's issues (Baker not dressing and Taylor getting demoted) the staff is looking for a tackle to play opposite Jared Odrick. "There are several guys who can contribute, but no one seems to be 100 percent," one observer said. "Ollie [Ogbu] is banged up. Tommy [McEowen] and Abe [Koroma] are seeing reps, but have had injuries which have limited their reps so far [this season]."

Position coach Larry Johnson will likely maintain his rotation approach, which will "be essential given what he is working with right now," one observer told us.

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Regarding the recent off-field underage drinking incident, the staff has devised some creative ways to punish the offenders — not all of whom were arrested — all happen to be freshmen. "The [offenders] have to do some crazy stuff after practices," one observer explained. "Tuesday [after practice] they had to do up-downs (an exercise where you stand up straight and drop to your stomach on the ground then quickly get up) while singing '65 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.' "

The offenders were allegedly caught with 65 bottles of beer, hence the clever accompanying tune. Many of the upperclassmen stuck around to "encourage" them through the drill.

That was only the start of the punishment for them. On Wednesday, the offenders had another special drill to run after practice. Each had to start on their backs on the goal line, roll to the 5-yard line and do five situps. Then they had to roll to the 10-yard line and do five more situps. They had to do this the length of the field and back, again with many of their older teammates watching.

So, needless to say it has been an week that has been described as "crazy," "interesting," and "messed up" by observers.


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