OSU: The High/Low Five

The opportunity to face No. 1 Ohio State revealed both highs and lows for the Nittany Lions. Review what the positives and negatives were from the 37-17 loss.

The High Five

Jeremy Boone: Yeah, it's a bad sign when the punter is one of the highs. But Boone was a rare bright spot, making OSU at least go 80-90 yards to get its touchdowns.

Rodney Kinlaw: Managed 81 yards (5.8 YPC) against a stingy Ohio State run defense ranked No. 2 in the country. He also managed a rare Penn State touchdown against the Buckeyes. The offensive line gets a lot of credit for solid play in this one.

Jordan Norwood: The junior wide receiver grabbed six catches for 43 yards. But he did lose a fumble.

Lee & Connor: Despite an uninspired defensive effort, both 'backers came to play as always, each grabbing double digit tackles (18 and 123, respectively), and Connor grabbing an interception.

The Fans: Despite the team offering them little in return, the White Out crew showed up to play their part in trying to give PSU whatever edge they could.

The Low Five

Downed Defense: With an inability to get any sort of penetration and flat-out sloppy play at times, the defense was unable to stop Ohio State's attack, allowing the Buckeyes to go 9 for 11 on third downs heading into the fourth quarter.

Short Game: It's not clear why the coaching staff insists on running to the short side of the field time and time again. Kinlaw clearly needs space to be effective, so why limit his real estate?

Time and Time and Time Again: Ohio State ran the same dump play over and over and over and over again. And why not? It worked to perfection considering PSU didn't seem to get the pattern. Side note: most teams would adjust in this case.

Lydell Sargeant: There's no doubt he made a statement in this game — he's a running back and not equipped to play corner. Honorable Mention goes to Justin King, who didn't appear to bounce back from his poor showing vs. Indiana. Tough day for the corners.

Anthony Morelli: Boy, some people are competitive/clutch players. Others are, well … let's just say another decent performance but with a meltdown interception late. Deja vu all over again.


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