Temple: The High Five

With a 31-0 shutout Saturday, Penn State has outscored Temple 78-0 in the last eight quarters of play between the Lions and Owls. Although it was a shutout, the game saw some highs and lows.

The High Five

Lightening Rod: Rodney Kinlaw hit the 1K yard mark this season with 168 yards on 27 carries. Kinlaw tied his season high yardage mark, which he hit previously against Iowa.

Power Line: The offensive line has quietly come together in the latter part of the season, helping pave the way for Kinlaw and protecting Morelli enough to deliver 260 yards through the air.

Walled Off: The defensive front seven limited the Owls to four, yes four total rushing yards for the game. Not surprisingly, Dan Connor and Sean Lee led the way with 28 tackles between them. Lee grabbed a key fumble and Connor and Chris Baker pulled down 4.0 sacks between them.

Boot It: With seven points Kevin Kelly became Penn State's all-time leading scorer. Previously this season Kelly passed Craig Fayak's 50 field goals to become PSU's all-time FG leader. And let's face it, Temple's sock-footed kicker made Kelly look pretty good.

Great Reception: Six different receivers had catches in this one, with Derrick Williams pulling in seven catches for 104 yards and Jordan Norwood snagging two touchdowns with Deon Butler grabbing another one.

The Low Five

Catch Me If You Can: Temple's wide receivers dropped upwards of eight balls, including a would-be touchdown. Fundamentals killed the Owls early on. The PSU defense should feel fortunate that the Temple WRs helped them out on several drives.

Opportunity Unanswered: Many PSU fans are probably wondering why backup quarterbacks Daryll Clark and Pat Devlin did not see more snaps, tossing zero balls between them. Well, you're not alone in your confusion - sure looks like a wasted opportunity from here.

Loose Ball: PSU continued the streak of coughing up the ball, this time Anthony Morelli had both an interception and a fumble. The Lions have yet to have a turnover-free game this season.

Deflated: Once again Penn State came out flat on the road. Interesting since the stadium boasted a massive PSU crowd, but the Lions continue to struggle getting motivated for road games and/or noon kickoffs.

Say What?: Perhaps Temple's greatest secret weapon is that horrendous Owl screech played after every first down. Opposing fans have called the Lion roar is annoying, but this one was piercing.

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