Alamo Bowl Coaches' Quotes

See what Joe Paterno and Gary Darnell had to say about the showdown between PSU and Texas A&M.

Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno

About playing in the Valero Alamo Bowl:

“San Antonio is a wonderful city and it's a great stadium. It will be a lot of fun for us and I hope we can play well and give you guys a good game. I talked to the team yesterday before we worked out and told them we are going to go to San Antonio. At that point we didn’t know who we were going to play, but now telling them we’re playing Texas A&M I think they will be more excited.”

How do you feel about coming to San Antonio:

“You guys do a great job. We can just come down and have a little fun. You have so many things to do down there. I think they all will be excited and I think we will bring a lot of people down. It's been a good year and good group of kids to work with. It’s a bit of a reward to go to a bowl game and to go to a city such as San Antonio.”

Reflecting on the year and their opponent:

“I think we tried and we played hard. We have a bunch of good kids. Had a couple problems in the spring. When I told them we were going to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl before practice we had a pretty enthusiastic practice. We have a good football team and I think we are going to be pretty competitive with Texas A&M. I did see them against Texas and they looked like a good football team. It's going to be a challenge but its something we are excited about.”

On the season:

“We played well and played tough. We just about won every game we played outside of Ohio State. I think we got better all the time. Our offensive line played better. Outside of maybe one football game we played well. We’re looking at coming down December 23. We have three or four kids graduating December 22. We're trying to get everyone down there the Sunday before the Saturday game.”

Gary Darnell.

Texas A&M Interim Head Coach Gary Darnell

About playing in the Valero Alamo Bowl:

“We would like to say that we are very proud of our football team and that we earned the right to come to such an outstanding bowl. We’re flattered that the Valero Alamo Bowl would choose the Aggies and type that together with one of the most cherished programs in the nation, Penn State. We will bring the Aggies spirit in terms of our university and in terms of the football team.”

About the victory over Texas:

“The win at Texas validated a lot of hard work that you commit yourself to doing in being a good football team. We had been a good football team. We played a very challenging schedule this year. And yet still we kept the continuity and the strength of our team together. It’s an important game to our players and our fans. We were able to beat them the second time in a row. It’s quite a Catch 22, now we get rewarded for that win by playing Penn State. We all know what a great program Penn State is and what credibility that Coach Paterno brings that not just to Penn State but, the entire sport of football.”

About coaching against Joe Paterno:

“This guy is going for his 500th game and I’m just trying to win one. What Coach Paterno and Penn State has done and what they stand for and the integrity of the game. It's an honor to play in a game like this.”

About him and his team:

“Any coach has a legacy about how they go about their business. We have a center line theme of tough and that’s how we practice. We’re a blue collar team. It’s been a family. Family and tough is what we bring as a team. I’m from Arkansas so I’m not real flashy and they know that. Pretty much what I say they know I mean it. These guys know where I’ve been and the different arenas I’ve played in and there is some credibility there.”

About ending the season right:

“It's how well we can reward our players for sticking together and doing the right thing. One thing is to lead our players to their best effort and if we can do that then everyone can sleep at night.”

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