Cory's Chat Recap

Cory James hosted another of his regular Premium Recruiting Chats on Thursday evening, fielding questions and giving updates on a variety of PSU recruiting targets, including D'Anton Lynn, D.J. Woods and A.J. Alexander.

Cory James provided some updates on some recruiting prospects Thursday night as he hosted another FOS Premium Recruiting Chat. Here are some of the highlights.

D'Anton Lynn: Cory recently spoke to the PSU defensive back commitment regarding Brian Norwood's departure, which FOS intitially reported on yesterday. Lynn told Cory that Coach Norwood called him on Wednesday night to tell him that he was offered a job at Baylor, however he did not tell him that he accepted it at that point.

Lynn obviously doesn't know who will replace Norwood currently, but he did indicate that if Coach Norwood leaves Penn State he will take some more visits to Texas Tech, Oklahoma and possibly Ohio State. Lynn also indicated that he will continue to look at Penn State as they figure out who would replace Norwood. Like I said, Lynn wasn't aware that Norwood took the job yet, so he didn't indicate if he was "decommitting" or just taking other visits just to be sure. He did indicate that prior to this news he was not planning on taking any more visits. Stay tuned.

A.J. Alexander: Alexander's recruitment continues to be interesting. Coach Mike McQueary visited A.J. Alexander at Altoona High School on Thursday afternoon. Penn State appears to still have interest in the speedy prospect, but how much remains to be seen.

D.J. Woods: Woods did not mention Penn State to the Missouri writer in an article on Thursday because he had called Penn State coaches a few times to set up his official visit and they had not gotten back to him. At this point he is unsure of where he stands with PSU.

Woods texted me back on Thursday evening that the PSU coaches just contacted him so they are not out of it. His official visit is yet to be set up to PSU at this point though.

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