Alamo: PSU Downs Aggies 24-17

It was a hard-fought clash in the Lone Star State, but the Nittany Lions managed to down the Aggies of Texas A&M once again in the Alamo Bowl, moving their record to 9-4 on the year. The win gave Paterno his 23rd bowl victory.


Penn State won the toss and deferred, and stopped Texas A&M with a three and out on the opening drive. On the ensuing drive Penn State drove down the field but Kevin Kelly hooked a field goal wide right.

Texas A&M threw out a balanced attack on the Lions on the next drive and managed to put a touchdown up on the board: 7-0 TAMU.

On the next kickoff A.J. Wallace was stacked up and the ball came out and the Aggies got the ball on the PSU 16-yard line. On the first snap Goodson scores a touchdown: 14-0 TAMU.


Penn State managed to stop A&M on the ensuing drive. On the Lions' next drive Penn State went for a fourth and three on a sky-high pass from Morelli to Butler, which Butler pulled on for a spectacular touchdown grab despite an uncalled pass interference: 14-7 TAMU.

Penn State's defense stiffed up forcing a third and 22 situation. With a swing pass Goodson got caught up and Maurice Evans forced a fumble, which A.J. Wallace recovered inside the 15-yard line. On the first snap of the drive Daryll Clark ran a draw in for a touchdown: 14-14 tie.

With under two minutes left Penn State mixed the quarterback situation up; with Morelli missing targets, Daryll Clark started getting more snaps, making big runs and giving PSU a spark.

Morelli hit Golden for a big third and 20, picking up 34 yards. Clark made a major run for a first to the seven yard line. Kevin Kelly hit a field goal to give PSU the lead for the first tiem in the game: 17-14 Penn State.


Total Yards: PSU 244, AM 111
Pass Yards: PSU 100 AM 44
Rush Yards: PSU 144, AM 64
Total Plays: PSU 43, AM 27
TOP: PSU 16:46, AM 13:14

Morelli: 10-21, 100 yds, 1 TD
Kinlaw: 13 carries, 90 yds
Clark: 4 carries, 42 yds, 1 TD
Butler: 2 catches, 45 yds, 1 TD
Golden: 2 catches, 32 yds

McGee: 8-12, 64 yds
Goodson: 6 carries for 23 yds, 2 TDs
Lane: 4 carries for 20 yds
Bennett: 2 catches for 20 yds


Penn State got the ball first in the second half. On the first play Kinlaw continued his run, picking up a big 14-yard run on the drive's first snap, but the drive was snuffed out due to some misfires by Morelli.

On the next snap, McGee went deep and was picked by A.J. Wallace.

Morelli gave the right back on a 50+ yard toss into double coverage, resulting in an A&M interception.

A&M came back with an impressive 18 play, 78 yard drive that ate up 8:45, allowing them to knock through a field goal. 17-17 tie.

The Lions got the ball back. After Kinlaw was shaken up Royster and Clark picked up the drive and drove it 84 yards. Royster closed out the drive by busting open a 38 yard touchdown run: 24-17 Penn State.


PSU managed to force a three and out for A&M. On the next drive Penn State was forced to punt, but managed to down the ball on the 1-yard line.

A&M managed to mount another strong drive going 93 yards. On fourth and one they elected to go, but Sean Lee and Bani Gabadyu blew up the option, shutting out the Aggies on the drive.

Penn State and A&M traded drives that got snuffed out. A&M punted on a fourth and 20 back to PSU with two minutes left. Penn State ran off the clock and gave Paterno his 23rd bowl victory.


Total Yards: PSU 413, AM 328
Pass Yards: PSU 143 AM 164
Rush Yards: PSU 270, AM 164
TOP: PSU 29:14, AM 30:16

Morelli: 15-31, 143 yds (4.6 YPC), 1 TD, 1 INT
Kinlaw: 21 carries, 143 yds (6.8 YPC)
Royster: 9 carries, 65 yards (7.2 YPC), 1 TD
Clark: 6 carries, 50 yds, 1 TD
Butler: 4 catches, 59 yds, 1 TD
Golden: 2 catches, 32 yds

McGee: 19-31, 164 yds (5.3 YPC)
Goodson: 14 carries for 65 yds, 2 TDs
Lane: 10 carries for 34 yds, 3 catches, 33 yds
Bennett: 4 catches for 46 yds

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