PSU Takes Out Trash

See how the Nittany Lions responded to Texas A&M's trash-talking before and during the Alamo Bowl. In this installment of FOS TV, Derrick Williams, Justin King, Anthony Morelli and Sean Lee address the topic.

SAN ANTONIO — It is said that everything is bigger in Texas. And that apparently includes mouths.

The Penn State football team learned that firsthand last week, while preparing to face Texas A&M in the Alamo Bowl here. From the time the two teams first crossed paths Tuesday, the Aggies began talking-trash.

And things escalated two days later, when, at a joint pep rally, a Texas A&M cheerleader said legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno was “on his death bed” and “someone needs to find him a casket.”

While Texas A&M offered an official apology for the comment and sent the cheerleader home, things did not let up when the 7-5 Aggies jumped out to a 14-0 lead in Saturday's game. Almost to a man, the PSU players said the TAMU counterparts talked more trash than any opponent they had ever faced.

Which didn't work out so well for the Aggies. Penn State rallied to win, 24-17, and the Texas A&M players wound up with something unwittingly stuck in those mouths — their feet.

Check out this version of FOS TV to see what several Lions had to say on the topic.

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