FOS Chat: Michael Mauti From USAAA Bowl

Penn State Class of 2008 member Michael Mauti stopped by FOS chat to talk with members live from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas. Get a recap right here.

Michael Mauti, a Penn State Class of 2008 member, stopped by FOS chat on Monday afternoon to talk with members live from the Army All-American Bowl. Mauti is on the west team for the game. Get a recap of what Mauti had to say.

During the week Mauti has been hanging out with Sam McGuffie and Dayne Crist mostly; kind of funny that he is hanging out with Notre Dame and Michigan commits. Mauti said there are a couple PSU guys working the game down in Tecas, so he had some fun talking with them about PSU, but of course the other players on his west team are not considering PSU.

Mauti said McGuffie is still firm to U-M. He also said that he is a really good player. Mauti said he got a few good licks on him, but in open space McGuffie is too quick and fast to contain with just one guy.

The focus of the west defense is going to be stopping the zone read plays with Terrell Pryor on the eat squad, so Mauti is hoping to get a few good licks on him. He said his foot is 100 percent and he can't even tell there was anything wrong with it.

Mauti will be playing left outside linebacker and he is on all the special teams. They have no strong and weakside OLBs, rather they keep it simple in the scheme.

Mauti said that they have two practices a day everyday except Wednesday they only have one and then a skills competition. They also have dinner every night together so that might be when Mike can mingle a bit with the east team. Mauti got in to San Antonio on Sunday around noon and he leaves Sunday morning after the game.

He said the big thing with the all-star game is that everyone is really fast and strong. Obviously it is the best of the best instead of going against a team with just a handful of great players.

Mauti watched the Alamo Bowl on TV and enjoyed the win.


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