Lions Are a Serious Player for Pryor

His decision delayed,'s top prospect intends to take a long, hard look at Penn State. See what he had to say about the PSU coaching staff and program in this report from Jeanette.

JEANNETTE, Pa. — Terrelle Pryor has reversed his field and decided to hold off on making a college choice.

"I'm delaying because I played football, and we won the state championship,'' Pryor said Wednesday from the Jeannette High School gymnasium. "We won 16 games, 16-0, and right from there I jumped right into basketball. So I really haven't had much time to get into the recruiting process.

"And I would like to take some time to be fair to all the coaches who have been recruiting me. They spent a lot of time setting up paper work for me to study, and I would like to give everyone the same amount of time.''

Previously, Pryor said he did not need to take an official visit to Penn State because he had already been there several times on unofficial trips and there was nothing left for him to see. However, PSU assistant coaches Jay Paterno and Tom Bradley, as well as head coach Joe Paterno, have been putting on an all-out blitz lately.

"I had my mind set (Tuesday) night, about what I was going to do, but then I had to think twice,'' Pryor said. "Penn State has been hitting hard, and I just don't think I gave them a fair chance. So I'm looking at them real hard now, and I'm looking forward to taking a visit there.

"Penn State, I just want to go up there and check out the campus. I know that I've been up there a couple times, but I'd just like to give Coach Jay an opportunity and give him a chance. He's a great guy, and so is Coach Bradley. And I've been talking to JoePa a lot, so I still have to go up there and give them a much better chance.''

Ohio State, Michigan and Oregon are his other finalists.

Joe and Jay Paterno, and Bradley in particular, apparently have made a strong impression on Pryor's father as well.

"JoePa, we had some good talks, and I feel real comfortable at Penn State,'' Pryor said. "But that's the one thing I felt guilty about. I had my mind set a little bit, but I just felt guilty that I wasn't giving them a chance. So I think it's a real great school, and Coach Jay has a good plan if I would go there.

"(Penn State) has been hitting my father hard. They've been going there. They visited him more than anybody. They've been to my dad's house so many times, it's unbelievable. Tom Bradley, he probably knows the town probably the same as my dad now. My dad's in love with him.''

Joining Pryor on the dais was his mother, Jeannette football coach Ray Reitz and Pittsburgh Steelers backup quarterback Charlie Batch, who dates Pryor's cousin and has been acting as his advisor the past few weeks.

"Basically, I'm just trying to put everything out on the table for him and help him out from that standpoint,'' Batch said. "But, at the same time, it's ultimately his decision when it comes down to it. And when he's comfortable with it, he'll make that decision. But today just wasn't the day.''

Pryor noted that he has given up on playing college basketball for now.

"I'd like to be the best player as possible at my position,'' Pryor said. "I'd like to be able to just work hard and watch film and maybe someday win the Heisman, so that starts with all that film watching and working out. So, as of right now, I'm not playing basketball.''

Pryor added that all the schools on his final list have said they will hold a scholarship for him as long as necessary. He does not have a timetable, however, for making his final decision.

"We have the WPIAL (playoff) schedule right now, and then states after that,'' Pryor said. "So, I've got a lot of thinking to do and a lot of game planning. I'm going to have to get a visit in one of these weekends coming up.

"So, me and Charlie, Coach Reitz and my mom, we'll be talking about how I'm going to fit everything in.''

Jeannette is among the top Class AA basketball teams in Pennsylvania as well with Pryor leading the way.


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