FOS-TV: Cutting Room Floor

Some of the best bits from the THON tours material that did not make our previous episodes. Hear from Gerald Cadogan, Brett Brackett and Evan Royster, along with some unique footage from inside Lasch Building.

Whenever we break out our video recorders at an event, invariably a portion of what we shoot ends up on the proverbial cutting room floor. Of course, in the age of digital recording, it is technically either left on the Mini DV tape or a hard drive, but we're assuming you get the point.

And so it was last weekend when we shot the THON tours the Penn State football team was giving to kids who have battled or are battling cancer. We generated several features from the footage, but there was some extra material that either was not long enough to warrant an individual episode of FOS-TV or was kind of interesting but, again, not worthy of its own episode.

So to try something a bit different, we cobbled together a bunch of these bits and pieces into one episode of FOS-TV, and we're calling it "The Cutting Room Floor."

In this installment, we talk to offensive lineman Gerald Cadogan, receiver Brett Brackett and running back Evan Royster (why does he have a lacrosse stick in this locker?).

We also let you check out a group photo that was taken in the team locker room (note how everyone avoids the "S") and show most of the player introductions (which provide a good view of PSU's Squad Room).

If you have feedback on the new endeavor, we encourage you to let us know about it on the TAP Forum.

Thank you and enjoy.


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