Bryant Visiting Penn State Again?

New Jersey speedster, <b>Dorien Bryant</b>, visited Penn State unofficially for the Nebraska game. He has selected four out of his five official visits. Who leads for the fifth and final visit? Does Penn State figure in to the equation?

Name: Dorien Bryant
Position: WR
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.3
School: Kingsway High School, Swedesboro, NJ

Dorien Bryant has been mentioned as one of the top players in New Jersey since the beginning of his junior season. Even if he weren't having a great season for Kingsway Regional HS, his scholarship offers would be a clear indication of how widely he is regarded. Currently Dorien has zeroed in on six schools (Tennessee, North Carolina State, Boston College, Purdue, Penn State, and Notre Dame), five of which will get official visits from the lightning fast wide receiver.

Four schools have solidified definite official visits. Purdue will host Dorien this weekend (11-8), while he travels to Boston College on December 6th, Tennessee on the 13th, and North Carolina State on the 24th of January. Notre Dame and Penn State are in a battle for the fifth and final spot.

Originally Dorien planned on making an early decision, but that changed after further thought on the subject.

"It got pushed back a little further than I wanted to. I don't want to make any rash decisions," Dorien said last Thursday evening.

Since Dorien will not rush into any decision, does one team have an advantage over the other for the final visit?

"I'm kind of leaning more to Penn State. It's still a little open, but right now I think it [the last visit] will be Penn State.

"I like their coaches. I like Coach Ganter a lot and I like the guy who is recruiting me, Coach Norwood. I like him a lot. I've met with a lot of their coaches and they all seem cool. I don't know them as well as the other two [Ganter and Norwood], but they're cool. Penn State's on the rise because they have a lot of really good, young players. They're playing with everybody. They're not getting blown out by anybody. A couple of plays go the other way and who knows, they win. They've got a pretty good nucleus there and I think I could add to that."

If Dorien decides to visit Happy Valley, when will it be?

"It's scheduled for January 17th but it depends on whatever happens with us and the playoffs. Our group is pretty deep so we're going to have to wait it out. But even if we do make and say, god forbid we lose in the first round, I'm going to come out the 23rd of November for the Michigan State game. I've talked to Coach Norwood and Coach Ganter about it, and they penciled it in. I definitely think I'm going to take it."

Dorien has already visited Penn State unofficially for the Nebraska game. How did the Lion's outstanding performance effect him?

"It was exciting. That game pumped me up a lot. It changed my mind alot about Penn State and what they're all about."

As a child, Dorien was never a Penn State fan. In fact he was the exact opposite, cheering against them, rather than for them.

"I didn't like them at all. I'm not a big tradition person. People are like, 'Oh, I want to go there because they have great tradition,' but I'm not big on that."

Being a person who will base his decision on the here and now, rather than the past, Dorien can not help but be excited about Penn State's offensive package. A wide receiver on the high school level, Dorien feels he can be a better offensive player than defensive player at college.

"Yes, that's where I want to play in college. Some schools do want me to play runningback and put a little more weight on but I like wide receiver. I started my high school career at wide receiver and I like it there."

Dorien has been long rumored to have been a lock for Boston College lock. He put those rumors to rest--sort of.

"Right now, to tell you the truth, I don't really have a clear favorite. BC's always been leading. I'm still telling people that because they are. I really like those guys. They probably would be my favorite team if I had to pick a clear favorite, but right now I don't have one that's far ahead."

Finally, Dorien talked about how he feels about the hectic nature of the recruiting process. Is he having fun with it all the attention?

"Yeah I am having fun. A lot of people were been saying its going to get annoying and you're going to get frustrated, but I can't do that because I'm in a position to go to whatever school I want to. If it wasn't happening then I'd be frustrated and annoyed."

"I'm in a position a lot of kids would kill to be in."

(Interview by Steve Curry)

Note - Which ever institution is lucky enough to sign Dorien will be getting a great kid. He came across as very level headed, funny, and engaging. Doesn't hurt that he can run like the wind. Dorien is the kind of kid that epitomizes a "Penn State type of player."

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