Penn State Roster Review

The Nittany Lions released their official roster for spring ball. Check it out as we break down the noteworthy items from the list.

Penn State released its 2008 spring roster Wednesday, two days after drills began. Read on for some noteworthy items from the list, keeping in mind that this version of the roster is seldom close to 100 percent accurate.

Missing Persons

First off, several players, including Chris Bell (WR), Andrew Quarless (TE), Phillip Taylor (DT), Chris Baker (DT), Navorro Bowman (LB) and Knowledge Timmons (DB), have been omitted from the roster. All of these players, as previously reported here, are currently suspended and are not expected to participate in spring practice drills.

Among the other players with eligibility remaining who are missing fro the roster are Francis Claude, Austin Hinton, Jed Hill and Dontey Brown. Previously during the off-season, FOS indicated that Claude, Hill and Brown were not returning to the team for various reasons. Hinton was not cleared to play during the 2007 season and has presumably wrapped up his PSU football career.

Weighting Game

Here is a look at the weight fluctuations of current first-team players that have been reported over the course of the winter conditioning period. Weight gains are signified by (+) and losses by (-) with the corresponding poundage gained or lost. Keep in mind these are the players who ran first team on Monday, the first day of spring practice, so this lineup can and will change as spring ball progresses.


LT: Gerald Cadogan, 314, +1
LG: Rich Ohrnberger, 291, +2
C: A.Q. Shipley, 297, +4
RG: Mike Lucian, 290, +6
RT: Dennis Landolt, 309, +15
QB: Daryll Clark, 231, -1/Pat Devlin, 222, +10
RB: Evan Royster, 212, +1
FB: Dan Lawlor, 244, 0
WR (Z): Deon Butler, 168, +5
WR (R): Jordan Norwood, 171, -1
WR (X): Derrick Williams, 194, -9


LE: Josh Gaines, 275, +11
LT: Abe Koroma, 316, +4
RT: Ollie Ogbu, 292, -1
RE: Maurice Evans, 264, -5
OLB: Sean Lee, 234, +2
MLB: Chris Colasanti, 232, -3
OLB: Josh Hull, 231, +2
CB: A.J. Wallace, 188, -7
S: Anthony Scirrotto, 192, -3
S: Tony Davis, 195, -2
CB: Lydell Sargeant, 186, 0

Other players of interest include:

Brett Brackett (WR), 235, -6
Brent Carter (S), 211, -5
Bani Gbadyu (LB), 221, +16
Stephfon Green (RB), 189, 0
Eric Latimore (DE), 262, +2
Josh Marks (OL), 315, +7
Aaron Maybin (DE), 236, -12
Tom McEowen (DT), 274, -5
Derek Moye (WR), 196, +2
Devon Still (DE), 296, +15

2008 Spring PSU Roster (PDF)

Position Shifts

The updated PSU roster is not reflecting all of the position changes FOS is aware of, but here is a rundown so far:

Tyler Ahrenhold: receiver to defensive back
Brent Carter: running back to safety
Kevin Cousins: receiver to defensive back
Ryan Gmerek: receiver to running back
Tom Golarz: defensive end to fullback
Cedric Jeffries: safety to linebacker
Tyrell Sales*: linebacker to defensive end

*Sales is anticpated to get a look at defensive end, but as of the initial spring practice on Monday he was with Coach Ron Vanderlinden and the linebackers.

Number Changes

The known number changes we previously reported include:

FB Tom Golarz: from 94 to 39
RB Stephfon Green: from 25 to 21
FB Dan Lawlor: from 38 to 33
DL Chimaeze Okoli: from 99 to 92
DB A.J. Wallace: from 12 to 1
DB Knowledge Timmons: from 21 to 4

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