FOS Recruiting Survey: Part 2

Over the past eight years the Front Range has compiled the FOS Recruiting Survey to review the origins of Division 1A football talent. In this part we look at the recruiting trends over that period both nationally and within Pennsylvania.

Eight Year Rankings

In part one of our survey a state-by-state review of the Class of 2007 was provided, looking at the top talent producing states across the union.

The rankings of our Annual Recruiting Survey have been relatively consistent through the years. With eight years worth of data, it's interesting to see how the states rank over that period of time. Now let's take a closer look at the trends we have seen over the past seven years of the survey.

Top States

Here is how the top 14 states have stacked up over the past eight years. There were no changes in these rankings since last year.

1. California 2566
2. Texas 2532
3. Florida 1879
4. Ohio 1020
5. Georgia 954
6. Pennsylvania 589
7. Alabama 557
8. Michigan 515
9. Louisiana 485
10. Illinois 471
11. North Carolina 443
12. Mississippi 429
13. New Jersey 434
14. Virginia 397

Recently, Penn State has managed to pull talent from several of these top ranked states, including Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Jersey and Virginia.

In terms of Pennsylvania specifically, here is how the D1A football talent trend has looked over the past eight years of our survey:

2001: 68
2002: 70
2003: 61
2004: 84
2005: 76
2006: 69
2007: 91
2008: 75

So, over the past eight-year period, the Class of 2007 was a banner year for the Keystone State and the Class of 2008 saw a drop of 18%.

Stay tuned to for the Recruiting Survey's breakdown of Pennsylvania later this week.


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