Play-By-Play: Drill 6 Work

Get a play-by-play rundown of PSU's Drill 6 work during Saturday's practice session in another exclusive observation feature from Scott Cole.

Keep in mind that personnel on the first and second units shifted frequently throughout the session.

Drill 6 features the offensive skill players (QB, RB, WR, TE) against the linebackers and secondary on defense. It's an opportunity for the passing game to get work in against coverage.

Daryll Clark and Pat Devlin alternated snaps with the first unit. Most of the time, the first unit consisted of Evan Royster, Deon Butler, Jordan Norwood, Brett Brackett, Derrick Williams and Mickey Shuler. Dan Lawlor got some snaps when they used the I-formation.

The first defense featured Sean Lee/Bani Gbadyu, Josh Hull and Tyrell Sales at linebacker with AJ Wallace and Lydell Sargeant manning the corners and Anthony Scirrotto and Mark Rubin as the safeties.

The second offensive unit often featured Derek Moye, Kevin Cousins, Brackett, Graham Zug, Stephfon Green or Brent Carter at tailback and Andrew Szczerba at tight end.

The second defensive unit had Andrew Dailey, Chris Colasanti, and Nate Stupar at linebacker, Tony Davis and Devin Fentress at cornerback, and Drew Astorino and Chaz Powell at safety.


1st series - 1st team offense vs. 1st team defense

Clark throws to Brackett - ball dropped by Brackett bringing some harsh words from Mike McQueary and Joe Paterno

Devlin throws out route to Butler - nearly intercepted by Wallace; Butler broke up the pass and got an earful from McQueary for not coming back to the ball

Clark makes a wobbly throw on an out route which is picked off by Wallace who got a great jump on the ball.

2nd series - 2nd team offense vs. 2nd team defense

Moye gets Wallace to bite on a fake and races down the right sideline. Devlin calmly rifles one about 40 yards downfield that hits Moye in stride perfectly. This was the best throw I saw all day.

Clark overthrows deep out to left sideline over Shuler

3rd series - 1st team offense vs. 1st team defense

Devlin hits another beautiful long throw down the right sideline, this time to Deon Butler, but it's just out of bounds.

Clark connects on a short dump-off to Derrick Williams

Devlin throws to Norwood over the middle. Sean Lee slams into Norwood as the ball arrives and deflects it into the air. Josh Hull makes a diving interception.

4th series - 2nd team offense vs. 2nd team defense

Clark overthrows Moye on crossing route.

Devlin looks right, then turns and fires left to hit Moye in the numbers on an out route.

Clark throws behind Derrick Williams who is drilled by Chris Colasanti. Williams lies on the turf for a few minutes before being escorted to the sideline.

Devlin leads Andrew Szczerba beautifully on a crossing route and hits him in stride.

Clark throws to Brent Carter who drops the ball. Colasanti had tight coverage on the play.

Devlin hits Graham Zug on a slant under pressure from Andrew Dailey who was blitzing on the play.

Clark connects on an out route near the right sideline to Kevin Cousins, but the ball was thrown low and Cousins' knee was down when he made the catch.

At this point, they started working the 3rd team offenses and defenses. To be honest, I moved on to watch other drills so I can't give a report on the 3rd teams.


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