Play-By-Play: 11-on-11 Work

Get a play-by-play rundown of PSU's 11-on-11 scrimmage work during Saturday's practice session in another exclusive observation feature from Scott Cole.

All yardages given should be taken as approximations.

The quarterbacks rotated series with the first team offense.

First Team Offense

RB - Evan Royster
FB - Dan Lawlor (in I-formations)
WR - Deon Butler, Derrick Williams, Jordan Norwood
TE - Mickey Shuler
OL - LT Gerald Cadogan, LG Rich Ohrnberger, C AQ Shipley, RG Mike Lucian/Stefan Wisniewski, RT Dennis Landolt

First Team Defense

DL - DE Josh Gaines, DT Ollie Ogbu, DT Abe Koroma, DE Maurice Evans
LB - Bani Gbadyu, Josh Hull, Tyrell Sales
CB - AJ Wallace, Lydell Sargeant
S - Anthony Scirrotto, Mark Rubin

Second Team Offense

RB - Stephfon Green/Joe Suhey/Brent Carter
WR - Brett Brackett, Graham Zug, Kevin Cousins; Derek Moye was nursing a leg muscle injury at this time which was explained in the Observations and Opinions story
TE - Andrew Szczerba
OL - LT Nerraw McCormack, LG Johnnie Troutman,
C Doug Klopacz, RG JB Walton, RT Ako Poti

Second Team Defense

DL - DE Aaron Maybin, DT Tom McEowen, DT Chima Okoli, DE Eric Lattimore
LB - Andrew Dailey, Chris Colasanti, Nate Stupar
CB - Tony Davis, Devin Fentress
S - Chaz Powell, Drew Astorino

First series - First team offense vs. Second team defense; Clark at QB

- Royster takes the handoff and runs off right guard, then makes a nice cut toward the middle of the field once he gets through the hole. Tackled by Dailey.

- Clark rolls right and hits Norwood at hash mark. Norwood picks up 10-15 yards after the catch before finally being tackled by Powell.

- Royster runs a sweep right but is strung out and dropped for no gain by Latimore.

- Royster off left guard for 8 yards.

- Williams (lined up as the tailback) runs a sweep right and cuts back inside for 7 yards.

- Clark throws to Brett Brackett over the middle for a touchdown.

It was at this point that Joe Paterno went ballistic on Colasanti and the second team D for letting the first teamers march down the field on them.

- 2-point conversion attempt - Clark sacked by Latimore. End of series.

Second series - Second team offense vs. First team defense; Devlin at QB

- First up, the play of the day. Stephfon Green breaks off a jaw-dropping 45-yard run by bursting through the right side of the line and outrunning just about everyone on the 1st team defense. Steve Jones was standing next to me on the sideline and after everyone finished oohing and aahing, he turned to me and said "Welcome to the world we've known since the fall." Green is pure speed, although he's not afraid to run between the tackles as you'll see.

- Green bottled up for no gain

- Devlin sets up a perfect screen to Joe Suhey. The play would have gone for a huge gain but for the diving trip tackle by Ollie Ogbu about 9 yards downfield. Great hustle play by Ogbu.

- Suhey stuffed for no gain on 4th and 1. Turnover on downs.

Third series - Third team offense vs. Second team defense

Ogbu and Koroma got extra reps as the DTs for the 2nd defense in this series. Brandon Beachum stood out for the 3rd team offense. He ran very hard inside and broke tackles on multiple plays.

Fourth series - First team offense vs. First team defense; Devlin at QB

- Williams on the wide receiver sweep right for 9 yards, tackled by Gbadyu.

- Royster off left guard for two yards and a 1st down.

- Devlin lofts the ball down the left sideline to Butler who would have made the catch in stride if not for pass interference by Lydell Sargeant. 15 yard penalty.

- Royster for 3 yards up the middle before getting gang tackled.

- Royster off right guard for 1 yard, tackled by Gbadyu.

- Devlin throws incomplete to Brent Carter under pressure.

- Williams (at TB) stopped by Gbadyu for 2 yards. Turnover on downs.

Fifth series - Second team offense vs. Second team defense; Clark at QB

- Clark throws complete to Cousins at the left sideline for 9 yards.

- Clark fakes the handoff to the fullback and pitches left to Green for 3 yards and a 1st down.

- AJ Wallace takes the flanker sweep right for 1 yard.

- Clark finds Suhey as his check-down under pressure. Suhey catches the ball about 4 yards beyond the line of scrimmage, but then breaks a tackle and races up the right sideline for a 20-yard touchdown. End of series.

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