FOS-TV: Anthony Scirrotto

Penn State's veteran safety is happy to be able to keep his focus squarely on football this spring. See what he has to say about that and more in the this edition of FOS-TV.

What a difference a year is making for Penn State's Anthony Scirrotto. On April 2, 2007, the Nittany Lion safety was less than a day removed from a State College apartment brawl that would result in him being hit with several felony charges.

Though all of the felony charges were eventually dropped, and Scirrotto agreed to plead guilty to a charge of misdemeanor defiant trespass, it took more than 10 months for the case to be resolved. So the whole while it was hanging over his head.

The plea agreement was struck Feb. 14 of this year, and in making it Scirrotto said he was happy to put the mess behind him and was looking forward to moving on. He expanded on that when he met the media following Penn State's open practice Saturday, explaining what he learned from the situation and how he hopes he can use his experiences to help others.

See him talk about those subjects and more at the video link below.


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