FOS Recruiting Survey: Part 3

For the past eight years, Front Range, a mainstay of PSU's online community, has conducted the Annual Recruiting Survey, which breaks down the origins of football talent across the nation. In this part we take a closer look at the Keystone State's talent breakdown.

Initially in Part 1 of our Annual Recruiting Survey, we reviewed the national Class of 2008 talent distribution, identifying the top states that produced Division IA talent this past year.

In Part 2 we reviewed the eight year trends of talent origins across the top states.

Now, we take a closer look at how Penn State's home turf of Pennsylvania breaks down by district, reviewing the Class of 2008 distributions for the Keystone State.

First, here is a map of how the PIAA districts are split:

Consistent with most years, the vast majority of Pennsylvanian D1A talent comes from the WPIAL (District 7) although the number was down a third from last year – from 42 to 28 – confirming the discussion we heard during the recruiting season.

The biggest increase this year was in District 12 – Philadelphia city region – up from 2 to 7, a 250 percent increase.

Here are how the districts broke down:

District 1: 11
District 2: 2
District 3: 10
District 4: 0
District 5: 0
District 6: 6
District 7: 28
District 8: 2
District 9: 0
District 10: 4
District 11: 5
District 12: 7

2008 Survey: Part 1 - State Review
2008 Survey: Part 2 - Trend Review

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