'08 Fearless Forecast Review

The Class of 2008 was one of the more wild recruiting runs Penn State was part of. With Pryor finally making his decision - a decision 75 percent of the forecasters called correctly - we review the predictions on final time. Everyone makes predictions, but few actually review 'em.

The Fearless Forecasters tossed out their predictions back in July 2007, eight months before the Class of 2008 was finally wrapped up. Get a look at how the predictions played out from FOS staffers like Scott Cole, Bob Lictenfels and Rob Riva to FOS community favorites like fp001 and Howard Stern, oh and one Mystery Guest.

The forecasters got tossed some curve balls with prospects like Michael Shaw, D.J. Woods, Brice Butler and A.J. Alexander and nailed others like Mark Wedderburn, Brandon Beachum, Will Hill, Dalton Freeman and Terrelle Pryor.

Class of 2008 Final Fearless Forecast


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