End of the Line for WR Chris Bell?

Sources say training table altercation could mark the end of wide receiver's Penn State career. Bell had already been suspended from the program for unspecified violations of team rules.

Sources say Penn State receiver Chris Bell was involved in an altercation with a teammate Devon Still during training table Monday night. Though the details of the confrontation are not clear, multiple sources have told FightOnState.com they believe Bell's Nittany Lion career is now over because of the incident.

"It was serious," said one source who asked not to be identified. "Honestly, it was scary." The source declined to comment further.

"Nobody got hurt, thank goodness," another source said.

Penn State athletics has yet to return a call seeking comment on the incident.

This incident is unlikely to impact Still's career, sources said, as he did not initiate the confrontation.

Bell has been suspended from the program since early February for unspecified violations of team rules — and as such has not been involved in Penn State's ongoing spring practice sessions. But he remains on scholarship.

We'll have more information on this story as it becomes available.

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