Still Firm With His Commitment?

In August, Jason Evans, a tremendously talented RB from Georgia, publicly announced his decision to play for Penn State. He recently, however, took trips to Oklahoma and Stanford. Is he still firm with his decision to play for the Nittany Lions?

Name: Jason Evans
Position: RB
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4
Bench Press: 260 pounds
School: Harrison High, Kennesaw, GA

Jason took another unofficial visit to Stanford this past weekend.  He previously visited there during the summer.

"This time I actually got to see them play," Jason said.  "Last time, I just went up there and got a tour of the academic facilities.  This time, I saw them play and I saw the new facilities that they built, the new weight room, the new locker room.  I got to talk to a few more of the players a lot too."

Evans was set to make an official visit to Stanford in December, but he wanted to go when they were playing a game at home.

"It was a pretty good trip besides the fact that they lost (to USC, 49-17).  Everything else went pretty well."

Jason also took an official visit to Oklahoma the previous weekend.

"The Oklahoma visit went great.  They had a great victory against Colorado.  They seemed to have a lot to offer up there."

Evans stated that he is not interested in any schools other than Penn State, Oklahoma and Stanford and will not be taking any more trips.

Is he still committed to Penn State?

"Yes I am."

Have you closed the book on the others?

"I haven't really closed the book.  I told all 3 schools that my decision will be made by mid-December."

Some would say that he is not technically committed to Penn State.  What is his response to that?

"Technically, I am committed to Penn State.  My parents are making sure I keep an open eye for those other schools."

What have you told Penn State?

"I'm still committed to them."

But did you also tell them that you would be making a decision in December?

"It really wasn't necessary for me to tell them that I'm making my decision in December, but I told the other two schools that I would tell them yes or no by December."

Right now, Penn State is Jason's number one school and he believes he will end up playing for the Nittany Lions.

He still, however, did not rule out the chance that he could end up at either Stanford or Oklahoma.  He will take the next month to reaffirm his original decision.

What things will he be looking at between now and mid-December?

"I guess the same things I've been looking at, just maybe a little harder and in-depth about what I could offer that program and what they can offer me."

What does he like about Penn State?

"I went up there this summer and Penn State was a great place.  I went up there for the Nebraska game too and that impressed me a whole lot more.

"They've got a great situation if I come in at running back there.  They are losing a lot of kids and they're not bringing in a lot also.  So, when I go in there, it will be a great opportunity to run.  The same situation is at Oklahoma."

How many running backs is Penn State looking to take?

"They've got two and that's all they want to take."

Jason was asked to compare the game time atmospheres at the three schools.

"You know, Penn State and Oklahoma are always going to be that much more than Stanford.  Penn State and Oklahoma, both games were just really wild.  The Stanford game was okay, but I guess you really can't compare those stadiums to each other."

What did he think of Texas A&M upsetting Oklahoma on Saturday?

"I was real shocked.  I heard about it and it stunned me."

Although Jason is a terrific student, he is not planning to graduate early and attend college in January.

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