Lineman Plays Waiting Game

Jon Geddes, a massive tackle from Albany, NY, has been a frequent visitor to Penn State this fall. Where do the Nittany Lion's rank in his list of favorite schools?

Name: Jon Geddes
Position: OT
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 320 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.34
School: Colonie Central HS, Albany, Ny.

Jon Geddes, a massive tackle from Colonie Central HS in Albany, NY, ranks as one of the top lineman in the state of New York. He led his 6-4 team into the state playoffs, just recently losing in the finals of the Section 2 tournament. Though his season has finished, Jon will play in a county all-star game tonight (11-13) and hopes to be selected to the Governor's Bowl roster, a summer all-star game which pits New York's best versus New Jersey's best.

Off of the football field, Jon still awaits his first collegiate scholarship offer. The University of Buffalo may be the first to step to the plate, hinting at a potential offer in the near future.

Although no major college team has extended an offer, schools like Maryland, Penn State, Syracuse, Iowa State, and Rutgers still maintain regular contact. Those schools, along with Buffalo, comprise Jon's top six schools.

But does one school stick out from the others?

Yes! "I like Penn State quite a bit.  They're my top school."

Jon attended the Nike Camp at Penn State and the Blue-White game the day before.  He attended camp at Penn State this summer and was also in attendance for the Penn State-Nebraska game.

He said of the win, "I thought it was great. I got to meet Coach Kenney and Coach Johnson. I also got to see Coach Norwood--he's the regional recruiter."

Jon does not feel concerned about his lack of scholarship offers.

"I actually just sent out film a week ago. A lot of schools have been asking for film [senior season], so I think that may heat up the recruiting."

Because he just sent his senior tape to schools, Jon will take a wait and see approach before he schedules any official visits. For now, his focus will shift to the upcoming wrestling season, but in a week or two, if schools like his tape, Jon could be embarking on his official visits.

(Interview by Steve Curry)

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