Shrive and Givens Chat with Fans

Eric Shrive and Darrell Givens stopped by FOS on Monday evening for an exclusive chat with premium members. Both talked about their current situations and their own recruiting efforts. Get a recap of the session right here.

Darrell Givens: Givens told FOs members he has been a Penn State fan for awhile now, saying, "I'm glad to be apart of the PSU family." Givens told PSU fans he models his game after De'Angelo Hall and that playing time was a significant factor for him with his choice.

As Givens said, "I talk to Travis [Hawkins] a lot but I'm really trying to get Jelani [Jenkins] and Tavon [Austin]."

Givens raved about Larry Johnson, saying, "He is real with the players and he is a great person." He stressed that Johnson's recruiting approach with him and honesty was a major draw for him.

Darrell Givens

Givens would like to wear No. 4 at PSU. He also talked about covering Devon Smith saying, it's not hard to cover Devon Smith, but it's not easy either. Smith told him that if the PSU offer gets to him, then he'll be a Lion.

The only visit he is taking is to Penn State for the Michigan game this coming season. This will be his first PSU game and he can't wait.

He said Ohio State is done recruiting him now. He also said he and A.J. Wallace are tight and Wallace helped hm to understand what PSU did for him.

He also said he and fellow future Nittany Lion Malcolm Willis are best friends and are incredibly excited to play together at the next level.

Eric Shrive: Shrive talked about recruiting for the PSU class, saying, "I can't say who I am going to get to come with me [to PSU], but just trust me we're going to have a top 20 class."

Shrive talked about where he prefers to play, saying, "I don't care where I play. I just want to help us win a national championship."

He said "I made my own decision" about picking Penn State. He also said he would love to get Tate Forcier to join the class, saying, "If Tate is going to be at [PSU's June camp] maybe I'll be there to take him to lunch."

Eric Shrive

Shrive talked about meeting Stephon Morris this weekend, saying, "Stephon and his family are great people."

He also said he was talking to Je'Ron Stokes as he chatted with fans. He also said he expects to take Stokes on another PSU visit.

Shrive said he is done talking to coaches who are continuing to recruit him. He also said he loves to meet fans and looks forward to hearing what they have to say at Penn State games this year.

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