FOS Recruiting Chat Review

Cory James hosted another of his exclusive FOS Recruiting Chats on Tuesday evening. Get an update on a wide array of prospects here and where Penn State stands with several key targets.

Class Overview: I think it will be a bit of a mix to some fans, but I think it will be a great class for Penn State. I think PSU will get a stud QB, Austin, Brown and Jenkins, but will probably miss out on other guys, like possibly Dan Mason, Glenn Carson, Travis Hawkins, etc.

People will be upset, and probably rightfully so, even if PSU gets Justin Brown, Devon Smith, Brandon Felder, and Christian Kuntz as the WRs in the class, but I don't think that is too bad. You would expect with all the starting WRs graduating that more blue chippers would come but sometimes it doesn't happen.

I see the next pledges as Devon Smith, although he still has not received his ACT scores yet. As was stated on here, he took them on June 14th and there is a range of dates that he can get them online, but that is not set in stone that he can see them the first day they are supposed to be available. I also believe Nate Cadogan will be another pledge in the near future.

Glenn Carson: I gave an update on Carson's recruitment last week. At that time he said he was not close to making a decision, despite the rumors about Rutgers. He also said that he was hoping to look at Notre Dame soon before making any decisions as well. Right now, PSU and Rutgers still lead and Carson. Carson visited Rutgers on Tuesday.

Anthony LaLota: I am doubtful that PSU will land LaLota, but I will try to catch up with him in the near future.

Pete White: PSU has a great shot at him, but I dont think he will decide until the fall. PSU is definitely in it with White at this stage though.

Danzel Manley: Look for PSU to possibly offer Eleanor Roosevelt OT Danzel Manley if they want another OL and don't get White. Coach Johnson has been recruiting him, but he didn't get to camp at PSU so he still hasn't gotten an offer. It might be a late offer after senior film evaluation type thing.

Tavon Austin: Austin has PSU in the mix for sure at this point.

Jaleel Clark: PSU appears to be slow playing Clark at this point.

Tate Forcier: Stanford seems to be out for Forcier, Beaver (U-M commit) talks to him, and wants him to come to Michgian. Beaver used to talk to Newsome a lot, but since he found out that U-M is still recruiting Forcier. Newsome apparently has been giving Forcier the cold shoulder since Newsome found out that Tate is still interested in U-M. Tate is probably going to visit PSU for Illinois game, and feels real bad for missing his visit to PSU, but the staff understood that his current team comes before a potential team. I have a difficult time thinking PSU misses out on both Forcier and Newsome, but anything can happen.

Jelani Jenkins: Jenkin's dad calls Cory a lot, partly because Mr. Jenkins probably likes PSU a lot.

Jason Ankrah: Ankrah is visiting PSU on Wednesday, and Hawkins wanted to come with him, but already set up a visit with UF for their Friday Night Lights. I do not have a good feeling as far as Hawkins goes. Ankrah visited for a junior day back in April.

Chris Watt: Watt visited Penn State recently, but is not going to PSU. He is likely headed to Notre Dame or Illinois.

General Review: I feel PSU has about a 33% shot with Austin, 40% with Carson (starting to get doubtful here). Two months ago I felt he was a strong PSU lean.

I have strong feelings for PSU with Justin Brown, Jelani Jenkins, Devon Smith and Nate Cadogen.

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