LFL Photo Gallery 2: Fresh Faces

Get a look at many of the true and redshirt freshmen who participated in the 2008 Lift For Life. This is the second gallery of the event from FOS photographer Harvey Levine.

If you went to Penn State Uplifting Athletes' 2008 Lift For Life Challenge Friday and didn't get a chance to see many of the recently arrived Nittany Lion freshmen, chances are you left too early.

A little-known fact about LFL is that most of the true freshmen go off late in the day, so they can assist in the cleanup of Holuba Hall after the event. That cleanup involves lugging all of the machinery and weights back over to Lasch Building.

But if you did miss the rookies, don't fear, because we have you covered. As usual, FOS covered Lift For Life from the minute it started until the last score was tabulated, and we were able to get images of most of the true freshman scholarship players who participated.

You can see them in the gallery link below. We also include shots of several redshirt freshmen.


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