Nittany Notes: Summer Clean Up

Get an update on news and notes around Penn State's final summer workouts as they kick off preseason work in this edition of our exclusive Nittany Notes.

Penn State football wrapped up its workouts last week in preparation for preseason practice this week. Here are updated news and notes from the program.

  • The team continued to run Drill 6 three times per week (Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays) up until last week. "The wideouts have been focused on nailing their route distance — some guys are sharp and hit 15 on a 15-yard out. Deon Butler and the vets have been consistent here, but so has Derek Moye. Other guys hit 16 or 14 yards and that can throw off a play. They have to lurch or twist to get the ball and — if they grab (the ball), they're in a position to get drilled," an observer said.

  • The workouts early this week are light in shorts, shirts and helmets, which will afford the wideouts to continue their route work. "The receivers will work timing a ton. It's less for them though and more for the quarterbacks who need to get every rep they can fit in."

  • Graham Zug has also received some praise for his hands through summer drills, and is focused on "sharpening his routes up." As one observer said, "He's a hard-nosed kid who really fights for balls and pushes all out. He know he'll have to work to see time, but he rarely lets up."

  • In terms of defensive backs Drew Astorino continues to get high marks from observers, with one explaining, "He's got good, quick feet than keep him tight on the routes." D'Anton Lynn has also had his share of positive comments, "He's aggressive and has shown impressive endurance. He gets a little loose in coverage, but he's picking that up - it's just getting used to the speed of the game at this level."

  • In terms of the young linebackers, as we reported previously, Michael Mauti has seen the bulk of his reps at the inside position in recent weeks, but "none of them have had their positions set." Most observers like Mauti's speed on the wings and feel "they'll all get moved around this preseason."

  • Until last week Michael Zordich was seeing reps both at inside and outside linebacker, and although he seems to be more comfortable in the middle he is expected to get a look at fullback initially this preseason. Prior to this shift Zordich and Mauti were both working with Sean Lee and Chris Colasanti on there basic "take-down technique" and the playbook. "The work with Sean will help him wherever he ends up," an observer explained. "Sean is basically teaching them how to tear a guy's head off - with great technique."

  • Mike Yancich is "coming along," but is still taking it easy with the elbow injury he sustained prior to the Big 33 in June. "He seems to be doing alright. Hopefully he is back for August work," an observer said.

  • QB Daryll Clark had shown "good consistency on the intermediate routes" up until last week, but still has issues with the "long balls beyond 25 yards." Observers indicate he is very anxious to make big plays but "overall he's pushing guys and the players seem to respond to him." Pat Devlin had been "calling plays that work his timing on post and slant patters." He has shown consistency with the veterans and "really likes hitting (tight end) Andrew Szczerba for nice pickups."

  • Freshman defensive tackle Brandon Ware's size has "caused him issues" with the conditioning sessions. "He's had some problems his stamina and footwork being so heavy," an observer explained. Ware is about 365 pound, and strength coach John Thomas "is working to build up his endurance and start getting him to a point he has better mobility — it'll take some time, though."

  • On the transfer front, Kevin Hahn, younger brother of former PSU fullback Matt Hahn, is transferring from Penn State to Monmouth.

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