Quick-hitting update on the newest Nittany Lion, the recently arrived rookie wideout. Price got into town over the weekend and is already working out with the team.

Last week's Cory James reported A.J. Price had squared away his academic issues and was set to begin preseason ball at Penn State.

The Virginia wideout arrived in Happy Valley over the weekend and went right to work Monday, when preseason drills began.

"He's coming in really cold," an observer explained. "Every one of his [freshmen] teammates have had a month or so to get into the workouts and conditioning and get some time with the playbook. Price has to do all of that on top of practice, so it's a tall order out of the gate.

"He defintely needs time with the playbook, and it's understandable. He's only been here like 100 hours so far."

The lowdown on Price as a player:

"He's loose on routes, but he's barely had the playbook," another observer said. "He's caught a few passes and dropped a few, but he's really focused on getting the play and route down. He just go thrown into the pool. It's like trying to dance — you can see him focused on the steps and counting out there."

The lowdown on his physique, which is said to be on the extremely thin side:

"He needs some time in the weight room, he's looks like a twig," an observer said with a smile.

"Good frame, but he needs to add a good 30 pounds or so to really make an impact," another observer said. "If he doesn't redshirt it means things are dire (at wideout)."

HARRINGTON'S TAKE: Clearly, as most would suspect, Price is headed for a redshirt. However, getting his academics in order and up on campus for preseason drills was and is key.

BRENNAN'S TAKE: Agreed. If he is to make an impact in 2009, it is better to have him in the program in 2008 than off at a prep school. Kudos to Price for putting in the extra work to make the grade.

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