INSTANT UPDATE: Jelani Jenkins

Get the latest on Jenkins' recruiting situation, including recent visits, plan for added trips, including official visits and the time frame for a decision.

I spoke with Maurice Jenkins, Jelani's father, briefly on Thursday evening to get an update on Jelani's recruitment. As I said before, they seem to be playing things close to the vest but here are some thoughts:

  • Mr. Jenkins stated that the family was out to some Midwestern schools such as Michigan, Notre Dame and Ohio State recently. Mr. Jenkins didn't really comment on the visits, just saying that they "went well".

  • Mr. Jenkins stated that Jelani had considered the possibility of graduating early to enroll in January at the college of his choice a while back, however, the Catholic schools in Maryland do not allow for early graduation so that quickly became an impossibility.

  • Mr. Jenkins stated that "Jelani is getting ready for his football season and he wants to focus on that 100% when it starts. We want to narrow things down to 5 to 10 schools soon and then take visits whenever we can." I asked Mr. Jenkins if that might mean that the official visits would have to come after the season. "We will have to see how it goes," Mr. Jenkins said. "I know that Jelani doesn't want to disturb his football season, but if there is a game that we can go to during the season we won't rule it out. As of right now, we have not set up any official visits."

    All in all, I think the general vibe that I took from our conversation was that a decision from Jelani probably won't come until after the football season. Also, at least a couple official visits or possibly even some unofficial visits may be postponed until after the fall. So this one continues to be wait and see, but I dont think Jelani and his family will wait until signing day and string out the drama. When the Jenkins family makes a decision and feels comfortable with it, a commitment will be made.

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