FOS continually strives to show our premium members all sides of Penn State's program, providing access simply not available anywhere else. This time we look at a few preseason traditions that are not widely know.

An interesting aspect of Penn State's preseason practice is the fact that the players all move out of their summer quarters to live together in Nittany Hall. The reason is two-fold:

First, the players generally room with other players they typically don't hang out with or know exceeding well. This gives them the opportunity to meet and perhaps even bond with additional teammates. However, this is not the only factor for the living arrangement shift.

"It's really to keep [the players] locked down, so the [staff] can really keep a close eye and manage curfew more easily," one observer said. "It's really a control deal."

As another observer explained, "[The coaches] mix up the players in order to break up some of the groups that may get a little rowdy. They really want everyone focused. With a limited course load for most guys — and it's the summer — things have the chance of getting too laid back. [The coaches] really don't want that."

When camp breaks, player go back to their usual living arrangements, whether on campus or off.

As an interesting aside, although the players are "locked down," during the preseason, the coaches allow the them to go a little wild with their hair, which is usually required to be "tight and clean."

"During this time, for a few weeks, the players can grow out their hair — on their heads or face," an observer said. "This is why you see some guys with a little 'stache action. Remember when [Paul Posluszny] has the long Superman locks grown out? That was a preseason deal. Otherwise, his head was typically buzzed."

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