Get the lowdown on the Penn State air attack as the season-opener draws near. We cover the latest in the QB battle and take a look at the wideouts.


Although most observers do not feel either quarterback has "blown it out," in drills, they also feel that Pat Devlin's inability to dominate has given the edge to Daryll Clark. "I am not sure what it is, but [Coach Jay Paterno] seems pretty set on Clark in my view. I think he sees reflections of Michael Robinson there. D[aryll] definitely has size, but he is not as explosive or fast as Mike," one observer explained.

"Daryll and Pat are going to split time, but, as I have continually said, this is Clark's position to lose. Pat has shown streaks of brilliance and really delivers a nice ball, but his [lack of] consistency has hurt him," another observer said. "He's got some time so he's got to buckle down to make a push. [The coaches] are still looking at splitting the time early on, but Daryll's been getting more first-team reps — Pat's still in there, but they have been getting more refinement snaps in with Clark."


The starters are all but set with what is arguably the most experienced receiver unit in the Big Ten if not the nation, with Derrick Williams, Jordan Norwood and Deon Butler serving as the main targets.

In terms of the backups, "Derek Moye has really come along — he's bigger, stronger and has those routes down." As another observer said, "I think he's deceptively quick for his size. He's improved getting off the line more cleanly, he just needs to continue to work on using his size to create space, but his hands have been good."

Brett Brackett has been backing up Norwood on the wings. "He's not blazing fast, but they have been working different routes from Jordan to take advantage of his frame in place of his speed." Brackett is being asked to do a lot of the same things Terrell Golden did in 2007 — block, go over the middle, be a physical presence in the red zone. He also serves as a big wideout in no-tight end sets. Linebacker convert Andrew Dailey and former tight end Jon Ditto are playing the same role as Brackett, though Brackett is seeing far more reps than either of them.

One receiver who has stood out in drills is converted safety Chaz Powell. "He's quick, physical and sharp on cuts — he's working on getting the playbook down now, but he's getting there," one observer said. "He's had some issues on his precision, like hitting exactly 15 yards on a 15-out, but you can tell he's over-thinking things at times."

Here is how the wideout two deep currently looks in practice:

Z WR: Deon Butler, Derek Moye, Chaz Powell
X WR: Derrick Williams, Graham Zug, Patrick Mauti
R WR: Jordan Norwood, Brett Brackett, Kevin Cousins

In related news, we hearing that hard-working backup receiver Pat Mauti, a former walk-on, has been rewarded with a scholarship for this season.


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