The Big Ten Network was on the Penn State campus Thursday to film practice for a network feature set to run later in the day. Get an early look at the session and what the Nittany Lions ran for the film crew and who played up to the cameras.

The Big Ten Network was in Happy Valley Thursday afternoon to film Penn State's practice for a feature scheduled to run later in the day. What did the Nittany Lions show the camera crew?

"[The team] ran very basic sets," one observer said. "It was all normal stuff with no scrimmaging or anything. The scheme was pretty simple — a few runs and a few passes, but simple plays."

As another observer said, "Does anyone really expect [the coaches] to preview the meat of the offensive scheme for the Big Ten Network? I am actually surprised the cameras were let in, but that is part of the deal with the channel."

Observers indicated that both Daryll Clark and Pat Devlin got first-team reps for the cameras, "but who knowns how they will [edit] it down? It'll be interesting to see what hits the cutting room floor. I am sure a lot of [fans] will over-analyze every frame."

The players were not the only ones performing for the BTN cameras. A couple of the coaches were hammin' it up, too.

As one observer explained, "Yeah [Joe] Paterno was screaming at everyone — really playing up for the cameras. He's clearly trying to show the viewers he's involved and in control."

Another coach who "turned it on" was Bill Kenney. "Kenney was coaching everyone — regardless of their position — which was pretty funny to see," an observer said. Another pointed out that Kenney is one of the more demonstrative assistants at PSU when it comes to on-field coaching, so he may have simply been trying to make sure no players appeared to be dogging it with the cameras around.

The Big Ten Network will feature footage from Penn State's practice Thursday starting at 9 pm ET.

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