Register For FOS Football Pick 'em

For the fifth year, the FOS Football Pick 'em game allows you to test your football selection knowledge against the spread and against other members of the FOS Community. The 2008 FOS Football Pick 'em game is now online.

In order to play FOS Football Pick 'em, you will first need to create a new pick'em account, even if you have participated in prior FOS Pick 'em games. Here are the instructions for getting into the game.

1. Create a new FOS Pick 'em Account. To do this, first click here to get to the FOS Pick 'em entry page.

You will see an orange menu bar across the page, and one of the menu options says "Register/Sign on." When you click that link, you will be taken to the registration and sign on page. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page completely and then hit the "Register." button. PLEASE LIMIT YOUR USER NAME TO 12 CHARACTERS OR LESS, as sometimes users who have attempted to register long usernames have been unable to log into the system.

Also, please register only once. FOS reserves the right to remove players from the game at any time and without warning if it is discovered that they have submitted multiple registrations.

2. Save your user name and password. You will need it to log on to the Pick 'em game in the future. Once you have successfully logged in, the orange menu bar changes to show available options. Your next step is to create and edit your profile. This will allow you to participate in additional Pick 'em pools which FOS may run in the future.

To create a profile, click on the "Edit Profiles" option on the menu bar. On the "Create/Edit Profiles" page, you are asked to enter a profile name.

YOU SHOULD MAKE YOUR PROFILE NAME MATCH YOUR USER NAME, since the profile name is what is displayed in the game standings. Check the radio button to make this your default profile, and choose the NCAA Football 2008 PHool from the available PHool list. You are now ready to begin making your picks.

3. To make your picks, click on the "View Picks" option in the menu bar. The list of games for the current week should display on the "View/Change Picks page. Note that the games are not open for selection. You next click on the "Change Picks" option in the menu bar, which makes the picks available for selection. Only games beginning after noon are listed for each week. Go through the selections, make your picks, and sit back and enjoy the week's games, then come back each week to check your standings and make your selections for the following week.

Each week, FOS will update the standings and final scores of all games after each weekend's games have been completed. Games for each week will be made available after the consensus pointspreads are posted at This will be the pointspread used throughout the 2008 Pick'em game. Pointspreads are normally posted by Tuesday, and the game is open until noon each Saturday for making picks.

Good Luck.

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