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New Jersey wide receiver <b>Dorien Bryant</b> has long been rumored to have been a heavy Boston College lean. However, he spent Saturday afternoon watching Larry Johnson shread Michigan State, during an unofficial visit to Penn State. Are the Golden Eagles still flying high? Or are the Nittany Lions clawing their way into the picture?

Name: Dorien Bryant
Position: WR
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.3
School: Kingsway High School, Swedesboro, NJ

Even though Kingsway HS and Dorien Bryant had their playoff run ended Friday night after suffering a loss to Mainland, the super talented wide receiver still made the trek from Jersey to State College to see the Nittany Lions play on Saturday afternoon. Dorien, his Mom, and his Grandma may have been a tad bit late for the game, arriving during the first quarter, but they were still able to witness Larry Johnson demolish the Michigan State Spartans single-handedly in front of a jazzed up capacity crowd.

LJ2K Day was Dorien's second unofficial visit to Penn State, having also witnessed Penn State crushing victory over Nebraska. Dorien has seen two of the biggest wins in Penn State's recent history live.

"I had a good time. Every time I go up there I have a good time. It was fun. It was a historical day. Michigan State is not that bad. I kind of think they just wanted their season to be over with. They had a rough time this year."

Did his lateness cause him from missing the opportunity to speak with the Penn State coaches and miss the pre game festivities associated with a Penn State unofficial visit?

"I've been there before. All they really do is eat. I didn't really miss much," Dorien said with a chuckle. "They actually had people looking for me before I got there because they knew I was suppose to be there. Coach Ganter and Coach Norwood had a couple of the girls, who are the escorts, looking for me. I ended up going down to where the recruits were in the fourth quarter, that's when they realized I was there."

Dorien has already taken his visit to Purdue on 11-8 and will soon travel to both Boston College (12-6) and Tennessee (12-13), before officially visiting Penn State on January 17th. North Carolina State was scheduled for late January, but it appears tht visit may go untaken.
Recent speculation from some who claim to be "in the know" has Dorien deciding on a school after his Tennessee visit. But that seems to be a recruiting guru feeding his subscribers what they want to hear.

"There was a couple people who asked that. There is a possibility if I love it that much. I highly doubt it, I'll take them all."

Does Boston College still lead?

"Right now I can't say I have a clear favorite until I take all of my visits. If I had to pick right now, it would be Boston College, most likely because I've been there so much and I've been in touch with them for such a long time."

Dorien, however, was quick to point out that things are not over by a long shot. Penn State remains right in the hunt for his services.

"I wouldn't even say they are trailing. It's all fair game. There is nobody to far out there that a little something can't change my mind. It [eliminating schools] gets kind of tough. Your making a decision for the rest of your life and your trying to put a date on it."

(Interview by Steve Curry)

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