Forcier Changes PSU Visit

San Diego quarterback adjusting after another school drops out of the sweepstakes. See when he intends to make his second trip to Happy Valley.

San Diego quarterback Tate Forcier has been no stranger to recruiting for the past year. Forcier has been hearing from schools since last September and the offers have poured in.

Forcier had given everyone a fair shot at him for the past year, but things have started to shake out for the 6-foot-1, 190-pound product of Scripps Ranch High.

“Things have been pretty much the same for a while, I have just been laying low,” Forcier said. “I did find out that Florida got a commitment recently and they told me that they were not taking any more quarterbacks so they are out. Washington State also got a commitment so they are out. I am now down to Penn State, Michigan, Oregon, Arizona State and New Mexico.

“I was planning on visiting Florida Sept. 6 for the Miami game, but that is cancelled now,” he added. “Now I am thinking of visiting Penn State for the Oregon State game on Sept. 6 with my mom instead.”

Forcier had been planning on visiting Penn State for a night game against Illinois Sept. 27. The good news is he's already seen a late kickoff in Happy Valley.

“Last year I went to the Penn State game against Ohio State at night and it was just crazy,” Forcier said. “My dad and I had a great time and we got to hang out with some fans and that atmosphere was just beyond anything I had ever seen. When we came back from that game and my dad and I told my mom about it, she said she wanted to visit as well. It ended up that things didn't work out with Florida and we cancelled that visit so she said she wasn't missing Penn State this time, she was going. My dad is going to my brother's game that weekend so it will just be my mom, myself and some family friends.

“Basically, I am trying to move all of my visits to the beginning part of the year so that I can make a decision as soon as possible with the goal to come back to the school I commit to for a second game. If I choose Penn State, there is a good chance that I would come back for the Illinois game. If I choose another school, I might be able to catch the Michigan State game at Michigan or the UCLA or USC game at Arizona State, for example, later in the year.”

Forcier has been busy with more than just recruiting these days as well. He has been taking summer classes all summer in the hopes of graduating early.

“School is going well,” Forcier said. “I could have been out at the beach all summer with the rest of my friends, but I wanted to get school work done so that I can enroll early at a school. In fact, if things go as planned, I may be able to graduate in late November so that I can come to school even earlier than January. I talked to Coach [Kermit] Buggs from Penn State and we were talking about the possibility of coming to campus in December and staying with some players just to get on campus even earlier until school starts in January.”

Forcier has also been tied to quarterback Kevin Newsome involuntarily with the common interests in schools for the past year. With Newsome's recent decommitment from Michigan, could things have changed in regard to Forcier's possible destination?

“Kevin Newsome is a great quarterback, but his decommitment will not have an impact on me unless the school that he commits to stops recruiting me,” Forcier said. “Kevin was not going to impact whether I went to Michigan or not, so to me it is basically like he never committed anywhere. The only problem is, Kevin was interested in a lot of the same schools that I am interested in. I know that Michigan will still recruit me, but if Kevin commits to Penn State or Oregon, maybe they will be set at quarterback. If Kevin would commit to Penn State though, as long as they were taking two quarterbacks, I wouldn't have a problem going there with him and competing.”

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