SHORT REPORT: Kickoff Returns

See who is in the mix to bring back kicks for the Nittany Lions in 2008, and what each of them brings to the table.

Penn State’s official Week 1 depth chart lists veterans Derrick Williams and A.J. Wallace as the top two kick-off return men. No one else is mentioned. But our observers are telling us redshirt freshman Stephfon Green is also very much in the mix. All three have game-breaking abililty.

“There is a lot of speed that can really open up a big play," and observer said.

Here are some quick notes on each player:

WILLIAMS: The most experienced of the group, "Derrick is probably the slowest of the three, but A.J. and Stephfon are probably among the two fastest on the squad," one observer said. "Derrick is good at identifying a seam and reading his blocks, but doesn't always attack and sometimes tries to get cute with the fakes and shimmys."

WALLACE: "A.J. probably has the best combination of speed, experience and determination," an observer said. "He's explosive and runs with a purpose. He's really worked on how to read his blocks and use them rather than just run wide with limited protection."

GREEN: "Stephfon's speed is dizzying for the containment team at times," another observer said. "But he tends to ignore the blockers, which limits what could be a big pick-up. If he uses the blocks consistently he could become the best of the bunch."

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