Clark, Devlin Discuss QB Battle

One is riding high and the other is a bit down now that the opening-game starter has been named. See what they have to say in this update from Wednesday's teleconferences.

Daryll Clark's cell phone was filled with text messages from friends, family and even high school acquaintances that he hadn't spoken with in years. All of them congratulated Clark on being named the starting quarterback at Penn State.

On the other hand, Pat Devlin made a single phone call — to his parents — for words of encouragement.

The culmination of months-long debate on who would be the Penn State quarterback ended Monday night when head coach Joe Paterno met with all three QBs — Clark, Devlin and Paul Cianciolo — and informed them that Clark would be starting.

"The competition was really tough," Clark would say repeatedly during Wednesday's teleconference.

Clark was uncertain whether he had been named the starter only against Coastal Carolina or for the entire season. He also added that he will back be for the 2009 season. He had to complete 80 percent of his credits to graduate in order to earn another year of eligibility. Clark said he has earned 88 percent of credits needed to graduate.

Devlin will likely see playing time against the Chanticleers, although both he and Clark were not given any sort of idea on how long Clark would play.

"Since the competition was so tight, it's only right to play us both," Clark said.

Devlin, a redshirt sophomore, felt that he didn't beat Clark outright but "earned the right to play."

He said that he didn't throw many interceptions during practice but he did have one fumble.

Clearly disappointed during Wednesday's teleconference, Devlin said that being named the No. 2 quarterback wouldn't affect his thoughts on transferring.

"I don't think so," Devlin said. "Right now, I've kind of been consumed with fighting for this job. As of now, I'm going to continue to work hard and keep doing my thing."

The two have not spoken about the job since Monday night and Devlin also said he hadn't discussed it with his teammates, saying "I've got more important things to talk about with my friends and teammates than that"

Clark hopes that this doesn't ruin their friendship but understands that Devlin is disappointed right now. Clark talked about his experience when he lost out on the starting job to Anthony Morelli, saying that he would never give Morelli the cold shoulder.

"I can feel his pain," Clark said. "It could have easily gone the other way."

Both said the reps were divided equally among the quarterbacks in the preseason and the entire process was fair.

But the decision has been made — at least for now. However, Devlin is not preparing as a backup, saying he doesn't think anyone prepares to be a backup. Still, the past couple of days have been rough on him.

"It really wears on you," Devlin said.

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