FORECAST: Coastal Carolina

Joe Murgo, Chief Meteorologist for WTAJ-TV, provides your gameday weather forecast for Saturday's Penn State-Coastal Carolina clash. See what's on tap weather-wise for the Nittany Lions this weekend.

The days are getting shorter and the nights are not as muggy. This means that we are officially heading into the best time of the year, autumn and football season. After going from one of the driest stretches of weather that Happy Valley has seen in over two years, some midweek rainfall has a few worried for the first game of the year at Beaver Stadium. Well just like the anticipated scoring outcome against Coastal Carolina, there shouldn't be too much to worry about for this game.

The midweek rainfall will taper to showers for Friday and I believe the precipitation should be done for Saturday. Though, there is still a front moving in from the west early Saturday which means that a brief shower or thunderstorm can not be absolutely ruled out. That being said, the odds of something passing over the stadium area are extremely low.

I believe the biggest worry with the weather is going to be something else, the warmth. Temperatures on Saturday should peak out near the 80 degree mark. While that may not seem too hot to the average person, anyone who has been to the stadium on a day with sunshine knows that anything over the mid-60s with sunshine can feel hot. The good news is that the high won't occur until after everyone gets to the parking lots at the conclusion of the game. The bad news is that the noon sun will be high and strong with only limited shadow locations. Therefore, lightweight and light-colored clothing is suggested along with sunscreen and keeping yourself well hydrated. With my experience with the First Aid people at the stadium, there are more help calls on these warm games than in the cold ones.

I have had people jest about our first opponent, asking me which will be higher, Penn State's score or the temperature. While, it's tempting, I will have to take the side of Mother Nature on this one.

Go Lions.

Joe Murgo is a 1990 graduate of Penn State and the Chief Meterologist for WTAJ-TV and


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